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Exchange through baseball on 100th anniversary of Brazil immigration

Baseball team tours Brazil and holds a game between Waseda and Keio

The baseball team toured the South American country of Brazil from the 6th to the 20th of August.

This tour was held to commemorate this year’s 100th anniversary of the immigration of Japanese to Brazil. Waseda University was invited together with Keio University baseball team, and the two universities held 4 games in various regions of Brazil. This was the 2nd time that baseball games between Waseda and Keio were held in Brazil, with the first games taking place 10 years ago. Many fans gathered in each region to cheer for both teams.

Waseda’s baseball team was victorious in all 4 of the games against our rival Keio. During the tour, 3 exhibition games were also held against the Brazilian National Team, with Waseda’s baseball team winning 2 of the games. The remaining game ended in a tie.

This tour also had great meaning in terms of exchanging culture between Japan and Brazil. Waseda held cultural-exchange baseball camps for local youth baseball teams in the cities of Maringá and Ibiuna, and held discussions regarding baseball with Brazilian university students who are studying baseball.

Game against Brazilian National Team in a stadium in Sao Paulo