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Exhibition of future dream works

“Osamu Ishiyama: 12 Architectural Visions”, held at the Setagaya Art Museum

Professor Osamu Ishiyama

“Osamu Ishiyama: 12 Architectural Visions” was held by Professor Osamu Ishiyama of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering from June 28th to August 17th at the Setagaya Art Museum.

Professor Ishiyama discussed his aspirations by saying “Waseda University raises the theme of ‘internationalization’. At the exhibition hall, I made this theme into a vision, and I show that it will continue to expand greatly from now on. In the future, I would like to work in new, comprehensive art that includes themes such as urban planning, architecture, comprehensive media, and information.”

Scene from the exhibition hall.

Furthermore, NHK Educational Television aired the program “New Art Museum”, which showed the activities of Professor Ishiyama, focusing on a documentary of the creation process and exhibition project.