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Partnership with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

President Hidefumi Kobatake of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (left) and President Shirai

On this past June 24th, Waseda University signed the “Comprehensive Agreement for Inter-University Exchange”. This agreement, which was made with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, is intended to promote exchange and partnerships in education and research activities. Also, based on this agreement, a consensus was reached for the establishment of a joint graduate school(*) through a national and private partnership in the field of Advanced Health Science. Furthermore, the “Memorandum for Establishing a Joint Graduate School” was conducted. This consensus and memorandum are part of an effort to develop professionals who possess the specialized knowledge and skills to solve the various problems which threaten the sustainability of mankind, such as the need for increased health, the food shortage problem, and environmental problems.

In regards to the establishment of a joint graduate school, budgetary measures have been received from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. These budgetary measures include a Grant for Operation Costs of National Universities for the current academic year, as well as Management Costs to Support Policies and Issues. In the future, each university will establish “Project Formation Teams” and analyze the implementation of a system which enables students to acquire joint degrees in the composite fields of physical science, engineering, and agriculture (also to include medicine and pharmacy in the future). These joint degrees will be adjusted according to the qualities of each individual and interest towards the development of advanced scientific technology. The opening of the joint graduate school is scheduled for April of 2010.

*Joint Graduate School
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is currently examining a system which enables the joint establishment of graduate school research departments by multiple universities. This examination is based upon reports by the Central Council for Education. Revisions are scheduled for ministerial ordinances such as standards for establishment of a university (as of September 26th).