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Mutual entry with Kansai University

The 2nd “Open Campus in Osaka” ends with great success

Model classes at Umeda Auditorium

Continuing from last year’s event, an open campus was held at the Umeda Auditorium of the Osaka campus on August 2nd. This year’s event was very lively, and the 720 visitors was twice the number of last year. The event provided a valuable opportunity for future college students from the Kansai area to obtain a first-hand experience of Waseda University. Features of included a live broadcast from the open campus auditorium of Waseda University, where an event was held on the same day. Other features at the Osaka campus included presentations and model classes held by 6 undergraduate schools, a workshop for experiencing Tutorial English, and individual consultations.

Furthermore, on the following day, August 3rd, mutual entry for open campuses was held between Waseda University and Kansai University. This kind of event is extremely rare in Japan, and was held as part of the “Agreement for Cooperation in Education and Research” which was conducted with Kansai University in May of this year. Both universities held model classes and other activities, with Waseda events taking place at the Kansai University auditorium for “Summer Campus Senriyama—1st Stage—“, and Kansai University event taking place at the Waseda campus auditorium. 672 prospective students, a number which exceeded expectations, attended the Waseda presentation which was held at Kansai University.

Kansai University Senriyama Campus

The event held at Osaka this year also featured an announcement regarding the establishment of a new affiliated school in Osaka in June. This announcement received much attention from newspapers, television, and other media.

*Tutorial English is an English program featuring very small groups of up to 4 students. The program seeks to develop practical English skills.