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Seeking an international level of educational research

Selected by various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

In regards to the various programs implemented as the introduction of competitive funding by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, this article introduces the items applied for by Waseda University as of this point in the current academic year.

Global COE Program

This is a large-scale program which provides support for establishing education and research centers that perform at the apex of global excellence to elevate the international competitiveness of Japanese universities. The program strengthens and enhances the education and research functions of graduate schools with an aim to foster highly creative young researchers who will go on to become world leaders in their respective fields. This it does by allowing them to experience and conduct research of the highest world standard.

The perspective used during evaluation for the program includes items such as those described below.

1. The proposal should embody a future concept for developing the university reflecting its unique institutional character and be given powerful instruments for creating an internationally excellent education and research center under the leadership of a management system centered around the university president.

2. After completion of the 5 year program, the university’s COE should be able to autonomously and constantly hold continuous education and research activities as an internationally excellent education and research center.

3. The program should build education and research centers (places for the cultivation of human resources) that function to develop professionals that possess a high level of research ability, with the prerequisite of creative and revolutionary research facilities. For this purpose, the center must develop outstanding research facilities that meet the highest world standards, and must develop unique scholastic fields. The program should also have the potential for future expansion.

Details for each program are given from the following section.

Program to Promote the Development of Joint Research Institutions in Human Studies and Social Sciences

A program with the objective of strengthening research systems and research bases by expanding into private universities the development of joint research institutes in the fields of human studies and social sciences. Initiatives of this project include utilization of the human and physical resources that are accumulated in a university, promotion of joint research through public, national, and private universities, construction of a network of researchers, and the promotion of joint usage of academic documentation.

The organization for Islamic Area Studies, which was selected for this program, has the goal of expanding and enhancing research of the Islamic area, as well as creating an empirical system of knowledge. The organization is a joint research network composed from 5 institutes, focusing on Waseda University and including the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, Kyoto University, and the Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library).

Program to Develop Strategies in Industrial, Academic, and Government Partnerships (Strategy Development Program)

A program with the objective of improving the quality of the total partnership between industry, academia, and government in order to realize sustainable development of the intellectual property strategies of universities, which are the impetus for the creation of innovation. This program provides support through proactive and highly unique measures of public, national, and private universities. In particular, the Strategic Development Program seeks to strengthen the industrial, academic, and government partnership of universities by providing support focused on activities which have a high risk of when implemented by universities, as well as activities that Japan should actively promote from a policy standpoint.

The selected field of Waseda University is expected to strengthen the international partnership system between industrial, academia, and government. Support will be provided for the promotion of acquiring international rights for basic patents, expanding joint research/consignment research from overseas corporations, and developing and securing international professionals in the area of intellectual property.

Global COE Program
Name of Field Program Name of Institute Name of Focal Majors Name of Institute Leader
Mechanical, civil engineering, architecture and other fields of engineering Global Robot Academia Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
Department of Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Professor Masakatsu Fujie,
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Social sciences Political Economy of Institutional Construction -Towards a Society which Fulfills Expectations- Graduate School of Economics,
Department of Applied Economics
Professor Aiji Tanaka
Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Social sciences Creating a New Corporate Legal Framework for a Mature Civil Society -Recreation of Laws for the Corporate, Financial, and Capital Markets & the Challenge of Asia- Graduate School of Law
Department of Civil Law
Professor Tatsuo Uemura
Faculty of Law
Program to Promote the Development of Joint Research Institutions in Human Studies and Social Sciences
Organization Name and Research Field of Joint Research Institute Name of Institute Representative
Islamic Area Studies Organization (Area Studies) rofessor Tsugitaka Sato
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Program to Develop Strategies in Industrial, Academic, and Government Partnerships (Strategy Development Program)
Field of Activity Name of Implementing Organization
Promotion of international partnership activities in industry, academia, and government. Management Center for Intellectual Property and Innovation