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The M&A Standard in the Future

Professor Hideaki Miyajima of the Faculty of Commerce received an M&A Forum Award

Professor Miyajima at the award ceremony

M&A Forum is a volunteer group established to promote the development and diffusion of Japanese M&A. The 2nd Annual M&A Forum Award was held in July of this year, and the main award, the RECOF Award, was received by “Japanese M&A: Impact on Corporate Governance, Organizational Efficiency, and Corporate Values”, which was written and edited by Professor Hideaki Miyajima of the Faculty of Commerce. This work makes head-on reference to the various problems of Japanese M&A activities, and as a result of a review which emphasized a high score in the power to educate, it was chosen unanimously from within the application works, which consisted of M&A-related books and theses that were written or presented in the 2007 academic year. This work is a comprehensive theoretical and empirical study of Japanese M&A, and was praised as setting the future standards for this field.