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Contributing to the development of cutting-edge electronics products

Selected as the Runner-Up Grand Prix of the “15th Annual LSI of the Year, 2008”

Professor Kasahara receiving the award (far right)

The “15th Annual LSI of the Year, 2008”, held by The Semiconductor Industry News (published by Sangyo Times, Inc.), was announced on July 4th, and the “RP2: Multi-core LSI enabling independent power blocking of 8 CPU cores and 8 RAM” was selected as the Runner-Up Grand Prix. The RP2 was developed through cooperation between the group of Professor Hironori Kasahara of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Renesas Technology Corporation, and Hitachi, Ltd.

LSI of the Year is held to select and award the LSI (device) and design environment/development tool which made the greatest contribution to the development of advanced electronic products in the past year. There were 1,019 applications for the award this year.