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Feeling the fundamental strength of Waseda through generous donations.

Fund-Raising for the 125th Anniversary Project: Exceeding the goal of 促20 billion yen in 8 years!

The total amount of donations to the Fund-Raising for the 125th Anniversary Project reached approximately 促20.3 billion yen at the end of May, exceeding the initial goal of \20 billion yen. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to the many individuals, groups, and corporations who made donations.

As Waseda approaches the 125th anniversary of our founding, we seek to become a "global university", and have selected projects which serve as specific measures for meeting this goal. In conjunction with these projects, we have been performing fund-raising during the 8 years since the 2000 academic year. Memorial projects in which donated funds are being used include the renovation of Waseda's symbolic Okuma Auditorium and the construction of a new Student Union Building, Building No. 63 on the Okubo Campus, Building C on the West Waseda Campus, and a new Building No. 8. Renovation and construction has already been completed for 4 of the projects. Completion of the remaining Building C is scheduled for January of next year. The total project cost of 促37 billion yen is covered by the 促20 billion yen obtained through fund-raising and 促17 billion yen of self-financing.

As of the end of May, 93,600 individuals and 4,440 corporations or groups have applied to donate funds. Donations came from overseas as well as from domestic Japan. A record of names will be created for all individuals and groups which made donations, and this record shall be honored for a long time to come. Also, for individuals who donated 促80 thousand yen or more and all corporations or groups which donated 促200 thousand yen or more, their names will be listed on the "Plaque of Donators to the 125th Anniversary Project of Waseda University" displayed in Okuma Auditorium (refer to picture). Furthermore, for individuals who donated 促1.25 million yen or more, their names will be engraved into plates which are positioned on each seat in the Okuma Auditorium.

Mr. Shusaku Kuchimoto, Director of Fund-Raising for the 125th Anniversary Project, says that "I felt the fundamental strength of Waseda through everyone's donations. High quality education will be continued in the future at the research and educational facilities made possible by the Anniversary Project. Also, it was a major gain to see the enthusiasm of alumni associations and parent associations in each region regarding the fund-raising project. The fund-raising activities will be continued until March of next year, and we look forward to everyone's continued support."