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Providing a program for elementary and junior high school teachers

"I Love Science and Mathematics Experiment Classroom": A joint project between Waseda University Senior High School and the city of Nishi-Tokyo.

From the 2007 academic year, Waseda University Senior High School has joined with the Development of University-Local Relations Liaison Office at the Academic Affairs Division to hold the "I Love Science and Mathematics Experiment Classroom" project in cooperation with the city of Nishi-Tokyo. Nowaday, a movement began in the academic world to expand places of learning and to seek a variety of forms in which to support studying. Waseda University Senior High School began to offer a special program in science and mathematics for elementary school students and instructors at elementary and junior high schools in the city of Nishi-Tokyo.

The 2007 academic year began with an experiment to understand the presence of air and a natural energy experiment, both held by physics and geography instructors. Participating elementary schools students and their guardians requested to perform further experiments and offered ideas for new types of experiments, so it seems that the project was successful in conveying the interesting aspects of science. The elementary school students were able to come into contact with material which is not handled at their schools, and the high school instructors gained new experiences not found in their regular classes by teaching students in a different age range.

A total of approximately 10 classes are scheduled for the 2008 fiscal year. Subjects include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geography.

Instructor Toru Kato: "Considering Natural Energy"

Instructor Takahiro Tachibana: "What if Air Didn't Exist?"

Instructor Akira Yanagiya: "Getting Creative with Calculation Tools"