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3rd consecutive year of full victory!

Rowing Club 77th Waseda vs. Keio Regatta

Director Isao Muraoka (front row, 2nd from left), President Katsuhiko Shirai (front row, 3rd from left, and Coach Ken Shimatani (front row, 4th from left) are surrounded by the Rowing Club and other persons related to the university.

On April 20th, the 77th Waseda vs. Keio Regatta, an event heralding the spring season at Sumida River, was held in the vicinity of the Sakura Bridge on Sumida River. Unfortunately, the 1st to 3rd races scheduled to have been held in the morning were cancelled due to strong winds. However, the weather improved in the afternoon, making it possible to hold the 4th and later races. The athletes were cheered on by many students and fans who gathered along the banks of the river.

Waseda began with a victory in the Women's Quadruple with Steersman, and then proceeded to post victories in the Second Eight and the Interscholastic Eight. This completed the remarkable achievement of full victory for the 3rd consecutive year.

Mr. Ken Shimatani, coach of the Rowing Club, showed further resolve by stating that "Today we rowed with our usual power. We're going to work harder in order to win the inter-collegiate tournament."