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Striving for a Waseda-Based Movement to Improve Health

Kicking off efforts to realize a "Healthy Campus"

Currently, society faces growing problems such as an increase in lifestyle diseases resulting from changes in the structure of society, as well as an increase in mental illness resulting from stress. Unfortunately, students have a low level of consciousness regarding health, and there is a growing trend for students to be indifferent to their own health. In order to enable students to manage their own health today and into the future, Waseda has created a movement known as "Healthy Campus". The movement actively provides motivation for students regarding health consciousness. ?

Specifically, the movement works with related facilities within the university, with organizations outside the university, and with student's parents to achieve a comprehensive approach in terms of exercise, diet, medicine, and mental care. A system of classes and various events exists in order to assist students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In particular, we hold events that utilize the image of Waseda as committed to sports, health, and vitality. Subjects are taught which enable students to acquire the ability to maintain both their physical and mental health. Furthermore, we seek to make "Healthy Campus" into a Waseda-based health movement by using transmission of on-demand content to support healthy lifestyles of alumni, and furthering partnerships with sports clubs, cooperating restaurants, corporations in the surrounding area, and the general community.

On April 23rd, the kickoff event for the "Healthy Campus" movement was held at the Ono Memorial Hall. This event featured at talk show by Mr. Ryuji Nakatake, coach of Waseda University Rugby Football Club, and Mr. Yasuyuki Watanabe, coach of the Track and Field Club's long-distance relay team. The achievements of both of these clubs caused excitement throughout Waseda sports last winter. Many students and members of the community gathered to hear the two coaches speak about their beliefs as instructors and prospects for this year.