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Cooperation Among Larges Numbers of Students, Faculty, and Staff

Assistance Activities for Sichuan Earthquake

President Katsuhiko Shirai (center) and students who performed fundraising activities

Waseda University, which possesses over 900 Chinese foreign exchange students, held a variety of assistance activities for the Sichuan Earthquake which occurred in May.

Donation boxes were placed in all the undergraduate schools, graduate schools, and high school offices of the Waseda, Toyama, Okubo, Tokorozawa, Honjo, Kamishakujii, Kita Kyushu and Nihonbashi campuses, as well as each branch office of the Waseda University Cooperative Association. A special bank account was also opened. Fundraising activities at the Waseda campus and other locations were held at the initiative of students and by the Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC). Students, alumni, general citizens, faculty, and staff cooperated to donate a total of \1,668,995 Japanese yen (plus foreign currency) during the fundraising period from May 23rd to June 6th. The collected donations will be given to the Chinese Red Cross Society and used for the assistance of earthquake victims.

Messages of encouragement for victims were also gathered. The messages are posted in the Waseda International Communication Center (ICC) (refer to the photograph), and the messages will be translated into Chinese by foreign exchange students and sent to the site of the earthquake.

Also, an international television conference was held with Peking University, which shares a partnership with Waseda University, during the open subject "Asian Student's Network" (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor Kazuko Sunaoka). Students debated about reporting from the site of the earthquake and the form of future assistance activities.