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Aiming for Dynamic Activities in Shanghai Suburbs

Establishment of the Waseda University Shanghai Education Research Centre

The sign is revealed during a commemorative event.

On May 27th, the Waseda University Shanghai Educational Research Centre was established within Fudan University in Shanghai, China. The objective of the centre is further development of education research activities in China. This marks the second establishment of a base in China by Waseda University, the first being the Waseda University Peking Education Research Centre, which was established in August of 2004.

The centre includes facilities such as a study room and library which can be used by Waseda students who are studying abroad in China and Chinese students who have completed their foreign studies at Waseda. Joint classes between Japan and China can also be held by using a remote learning system. The centre serves as Waseda's main base in South China. The centre is scheduled to be used for joint education with universities such as Fudan University, as well as for promotion of joint research operations based on industrial and academic partnerships with corporations in the suburbs of Shanghai.