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Recognition of R&D for Total Synthesis of Natural Compounds

Professor Kuniaki Tatsuta of the Faculty of Science and Engineering receives the 49th Fujihara Award from the Fujihara Foundation of Science

Professor Tatsuta receiving the award.

Every year, this award recognizes two individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of fundamental science and applied science technology in all fields of science in Japan. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of science, and this is the first time that a Waseda professor has been honored with the award. The award was presented to recognize the world-first achievement of total synthesis (chemical synthesis of natural products from materials of the smallest unit) of more than 90 types of natural compounds including the 4 major antibiotics. The award also recognizes success in the first ever creation of several types of medications and the development of an industrial synthesis method, both based on the fundamental research of total synthesis. The award presentation ceremony was held on June 17th at the main hall of the Graduate Hall. When onstage at the ceremony, Professor Tatsuta expressed his feelings upon receiving the award by stating that "I am overwhelmed at receiving such an honor and I am grateful to all others who cooperated in the research. I am determined to commit myself even more to research."