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Improvement and establishment of consistency between secondary and higher educations

The first middle school attached to Waseda University to be established

Waseda University decided to establish a middle school (name to be determined) inside the grounds of Waseda University Senior High School (located at 3-31-1 Kamishakujii, Nerima-ku; hereinafter "High School") in April 2010, as the first middle school attached to Waseda University. As we are facing globalization, informatization, declining birthrate, and aging population, this middle school will engage in secondary education to fulfill the future social missions.

Through this middle school, Waseda will improve and establish the consistency between Waseda's secondary and higher educations, in cooperation with High School, which has engaged in upper secondary education.

Enrollment limits
Middle school (to be established in 2010)
First-year student: 120 in total (all students: 360)
*Boys' school; up to 30 students per class
High school (from 2010)
First-year student: 480 in total (all students: 1,440)