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12,864 students graduated, while 13,352 students entered this school.

Graduation Ceremony in Fiscal 2007 and Entrance Ceremony in Fiscal 2008

Graduation Ceremony in fiscal 2007

Under the sunny weather on Tuesday, March 25, 2007, the graduation ceremony was held to confer degrees.

On that day, 10,015 undergraduates, 154 graduates of Kawaguchi Art School, 1,959 master's course graduates, 625 professional course graduates, 111 doctoral course graduates, that is, a total of 12,864 students left Waseda University. School of International Liberal Studies turned out the first graduates in this fiscal year, and they are expected to produce Waseda's wind inside and outside Japan.

On April 1 and 2, 2008, the entrance ceremony was held. 10,164 new undergraduate students, 3,188 graduate students, that is, a total of 13,352 students entered Waseda University.

President Katsuhiko Shirai mentioned, "At the 125th anniversary of inauguration last year, I made 'the second century declaration'-Waseda University, which has nurtured personnel who make every possible effort to realize the advance and peace of humankind, will improve its 'educational' and 'research' capacities based on the spirit of school establishment, as the university that creates the future of the world, is liked and expected by people, and can meet their expectations. This follows and evolves the spirit of school establishment, which is the traditional principle of Waseda University, and also the mission imposed on you."

Entrance Ceremony in fiscal 2008

Entrance Ceremony in fiscal 2008