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Nurturing of teaching staff with broad perspectives and social cooperation skills

Graduate School of Teacher Education initiated in April

In the wake of the recent changes of social situations, there emerged various issues regarding ideal school education and teachers. Waseda University newly established Graduate School of Teacher Education (graduate school for professions), with the aim of nurturing teaching staff who possess rich sociability and humanity and advanced expertise.

Waseda University has the long history of teacher education, accumulating research data for nurturing teaching staff. Waseda's programs were adopted as "the teacher development program in college and graduate school" and "the high-quality teacher education promotion program" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in fiscal 2005 and 2006. This graduate school offers high-quality teacher development curricula, utilizing the outcome so far.

The entrance examination in last fiscal year saw 59 passers out of 102 applicants, including working teachers, new graduates, and those with various teaching careers. As the first students, a total of 57 persons were admitted. It is expected that students with different teaching backgrounds will learn the current situation of each education site and how different kinds of schools cooperate with one another, and acquire broader perspectives and social cooperation skills.

From now on, we will conduct the education specializing in teacher training, and aim to nurture "new teachers who have more practical leadership and initiative, and who can take important roles in the development of new school" and "school leaders who have the firm pedagogical theory and excellent abilities to take action and apply things, which are indispensable for fulfilling the leadership role in community and school (central mid-level teachers)."

Date of establishment April 1, 2008
Name Advanced Teaching Practice Course, Graduate School of Teacher Education, Waseda University
Course term 2 years (2-year course); 1 year (1-year course)
Enrollment limit 70 (40 for the 2-year course; 30 for the 1-year course*)
Requirements for
the course completion
Academic degrees are given to those who have been enrolled for the course term or longer and have earned over 46 credits.
Degree Master of teaching (First professional degree)
Course hours Mon. to Sat., 9:00 to 21:10
Specialized certificates Students can obtain the following specialized certificates according to the licenses they already have:
  • Specialized certificate for an elementary school teacher
  • Specialized certificate for a middle school teacher (Japanese language, sociology, mathematics, science, English, German, French, Chinese, and Spanish languages)
  • Specialized certificate for a high school teacher (Japanese language, geography, history, civics, mathematics, information, science, English, German, French, Chinese, and Spanish languages)
This graduate school does not admit those who have not obtained a teacher's license (First-class or specialized one, the degree of a required teacher-training course).

*For the admission to the 1-year course, part of the practice classes in school needs to be exempted.