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Venture Spirit on the Global Stage

Venture born from Waseda flourishing globally

Selfwing Co., Ltd. received the Small and Medium Enterprises Prize

The ceremony for "Japan Venture Awards 2008" Third from right in front: Ms. Yukiko Hirai

On February 5, 2008, the venture company established in Waseda University "Selfwing Co., Ltd." won the Small and Medium Enterprises Prize in "the Entrepreneurial Education Section" of "Japan Venture Awards 2008" hosted by "Citizen Forum in Business Start-up and Venture." This company was founded in March 2000, with the aim of nurturing personnel with entrepreneurial spirits and abilities. The representative director Yukiko Hirai was a student of the seminar held by Prof. Ken Ohe of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (Head of the Incubation Promotion Division, Research Collaboration and Promotion Center, Waseda Business School). In addition, core members are composed of the alumni of the international management course of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies. With the purpose of diffusing Prof. Ohe's idea of Waseda Venture Kids Program to the fields of not only early entrepreneurial education but also entire entrepreneurial education, this company has developed our original programs, which were produced based on the collaborative research with university, targeting a broad range of people including elementary school pupils and general public. At present, this company offers V-kids Program, Entrepreneurial Mind-set Program for Corporate Employees, and Career Program, etc. These programs were highly evaluated also in foreign countries, and adopted by Thammasart University in Thailand, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Malaysia, and Brawijaya University in Indonesia, etc.

Waseda Business School Team "ASIA MOOT CORP" advanced to the semifinals

From left: Mr. Yutaka Ando, Ms. Zou Chun Jiang, Mr. Tong Hui Tee, Prof. Ken Ohe, and Mr. Yasutomi Kitahara (Chairperson of Integratto Inc.)

At "ASIA MOOT CORP English Business Plan Contest" held at Thammasart University in Thailand for three days from May 10 to 12, 2008, the team of Waseda Business School passed the preliminaries and advanced to the semifinals. Mr. Tong Hui Tee, Mr. Yukata Ando, and Ms. Zou Chun Jiang of the first professional degree's course presented the business plan titled "i-waseda" based on the patent "A sense detection display device and a walking rehabilitation assistance device" invented by Dr. Hiroyasu Iwata, visiting associate professor of Waseda Institute for Advanced Study.

Sixteen leading business schools in Asia participated in this contest. Among Japanese business schools, Waseda school solely passed the documentary screening. India School of Business won first place, and Thammasart University, Chiang Mai University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology took second place. The future activities of venture businesses born in Waseda University are expected.