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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)

MISSION! Work of university

Introducing various missions assigned to academic staff and new movements at Waseda University.

Public Relations Department

At the "WASEDA Tomon Economists Gathering"

Toward the creation of a constant support for our university

Transmitting the beauty of Waseda and becoming a bridge to its supporters

We work to create continuing relations through various dealings with our supporters, alumni, businesses and the community, with the aim of building a "permanent fund gathering system."

Providing service to our supporters

Fundraising prospectus and publicity magazine edited by the public relations department

"WASEDA Supporters Club Executive Forum 2010" advertisement flyer

At the end of the 125th Anniversary events, the Public Relations Department was set up in June 2008 as a reformed version of the Fundraising Department, an external organ to the President's Office. Currently, the majority of staff, while concurrently working in the Fundraising Section of the President's Office, work to obtain donations through operations such as "WASEDA Supporters Club," and are strengthening ties outside of the university.

As a private university, since the foundation by Shigenobu Okuma, we have developed while receiving much support from the people who endorse our "doctrine," especially when we held events for our major anniversary, and conducted extensive fundraising activities for infrastructure or the strengthening of educational and research organizations. In recent years, large-scale events commemorating the 125th anniversary in 2007 of the founding of the university have taken place and, starting with graduates, the support we have received from many people and business remains fresh in the memory. The public relations department hopes to further deepen the relations we have made so far with stakeholders, and expand our support network even more.

The work involved at the public relations department is, of course, maintaining data relating to donors and businesses, and also includes a wide range of work ranging from collecting and analyzing necessary information as a base for collecting funds, planning and holding events such as "WASEDA Supporters Club Executive Forum" and "WASEDA Tomon Economists Gathering" to increase our number of supporters, editing and publishing "WSC NEWSLETTER" to report to donors and convey accurate information about the state of the university, and printing up "Waseda Transcript." The "Hello!WASEDA Project," a project aimed at making future "Waseda fans", is also under the supervision of the public relations department.

Hello!WASEDA Project ~Toward future "Waseda supporters"~

The "Hello!WASEDA Project" aims to create a network with a long term vision of dispatching information on the university nationwide through cooperation with the community. It is a concern that university applicants from outside the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area have decreased in the past few years. That situation led some young staff member volunteers to start up the project in 2009 with the aim of increasing the number of "Waseda supporters" nationwide. Project members, as university representatives, negotiate with local alumni and hold events for young alumni who will carry the burden of future alumni activities, and prospective Waseda students currently at junior and senior high school, and, sometimes with the help of current Waseda students, actively convey the "beauty of Waseda."

Hello!WASEDA Project Website
▶ http://www.waseda.jp/external/hello/fl.html

History of Waseda commemorative events supported by donations

1882 Tokyo Senmon Gakko opens
1907 25th anniversary (Statue of Shigenobu Okuma (in ceremonial dress) erected)
1922 40th anniversary (Okuma Auditorium etc. built)
1932 50th anniversary (Statue of Shigenobu Okuma(in a robe) / Statue of Sanae Takada erected)
1947 Waseda Revival Association formed
1957 75th anniversary (Memorial Hall / Physical Education Department etc. building built)
1962 80th anniversary (Student Union Building No. 2 etc. built)
1982 Centenary (Tokorozawa Campus and School of Human Sciences inaugurated / Center for Scholarly Information built)
1990 Research education strengthening (Maintenance of Tokorozawa and Okubo (now Nishi-Waseda) Campuses)
2007 125th anniversary (Construction of Student Union Building, Building No. 8, 11 , 63 and renovation of Okuma Auditorium)

Finding new supporters with "WASEDA Supporters Club" in the center

Group photograph of the athletics team, television presenter Sachie Sugiue, and all the members of the public relations department at the "Tomon Economists Gathering"

"WASEDA Supporters Club," the donation club system with secondary services currently being actively unfurled by the university. Donors who give over 30,000 yen become "annual members", and those bestowed with honorary titles are "special members" and are called on for support in the university's various ventures.

At present, there are more than 1000 "special members", with many of them being Waseda graduates. At the public relations department, we annually plan and hold a "gathering for everyone who has supported Waseda University, the WASEDA Supporters Club Executive Forum" for all special members who have especially donated large sums of money in the past.

We are also working to strengthen relations outside the university and find more supporters through "WASEDA Tomon Economists Gathering" for alumni active in the business world, and various other events.

On the other hand, as well as receiving advice and opinions regarding university management from leaders active in a wide range of fields, their current discussions cover a wide range of topics such as the establishment of an "executive board," an organization acting as a brains trust supporting the president and board of directors.

Putting the support framework into society

A characteristic of our university's supporters is that many are graduates (alumni) who make a donation "for my university and for my juniors." But when thinking of the development of the university in the mid to long term, along with expanding the support framework to the general public and businesses, and not just alumni, it is necessary to construct a system that constantly calls for and receives support for the university, instead of relying on one-off campaigns such as "anniversary events." To achieve that, it goes without saying that we must continue to convey accurate university information to the stakeholders in the university, starting with the alumni.

At the public relations department, with the maintaining of a "permanent fund collecting system" as our top priority mission, we proceed in the future to maintain a base for gathering funds such as "WASEDA Supporters Club" and "educational promotion funds."

Voices of the young staff

Vigorous encouragement from supports will help the university grow

Yuki Kan
Public Relations Department of the President's Office

——What are you in charge of?

In addition to devising plans for soliciting donations, I am in charge of overall receipt management, event planning and management, and advertising for donations. I am also thinking about, along with my seniors, creating a structure, centered around "WASEDA Supporters Club" that can constantly receive support for the university.

Many of our supporters are Waseda graduates, and they hold a strong interest in, starting with education and research, the goings-on of the university. From there, it is important to draw on their thoughts and hopes of the university. I think that the vigorous encouragement full of love for their university from graduates and supporters will help the university grow even more.

In events held by the public relations department, as well as conveying the Waseda of "today", we aim to incorporate performances such as interaction with current students, presenting original university goods, and renditions of the "Waseda University school song", where people can feel "Waseda-ness."

At these types of events, we can meet supporters, who we could only contact via email or telephone, face-to-face. Those supporters comment, "I don't get the opportunity to come to the university, so this was a good reason to do so. I could feel the atmosphere of my alma mater. Thank you." Hearing those comments directly was a great benefit.

——What are your future aims?

To further enrich the thorough approaches and follow-ups of supporters in the future. I want to get an accurate grasp of what information the supporters need and make positive approaches through events and publicity magazines to have them gain an interest in the information we provide. Also, I would like us to continue, with even more ingenuity, to provide opportunities for two-way interaction between the graduates and university such as the "Executive Forum" and "Tomon Economists Gathering."