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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)

MISSION! Work of university

Introducing various missions assigned to academic staff and new movements at Waseda University.

Waseda Portal Office
Improving educational support and an integrated educational affairs service system.

Providing additional worth to university life and aiming to improve satisfaction with student services

Waseda Portal Office is accessible to students and academic staff from all faculties and graduate schools, providing IT use and classroom AV equipment use support, a course revision consultation window, and lost and found management among a vast range of services.

Waseda Portal Office Website

Background to the establishment of the Waseda Portal Office

The Waseda Portal Office has been established as a system aimed at improving student and staff satisfaction, successfully providing a one-stop service for educational affairs.

With that background, university establishment standards were revised in 1991, leading to liberation of the curriculum. It was necessary for each faculty to adapt to changes in the curriculum, but with a complicated curriculum and diversification of student processing methods, progress had become difficult. Also, with the freeing up of education, student application windows increased, and for a single application, students were sent from window to window. It was there, where common faculty services were integrated, and the "Educational Affairs Center", specializing in student services, was developed. At that time, as all-faculty services, the IT Center, dealing mainly with computer consultations, and the Open Education Center and Media Network Center, dealing with whole university course consultations, began to be integrated. By taking on standardized operations, an environment where faculty and graduate school educators could concentrate on essential matters was targeted, and in March 2006, this office opened, being named Waseda Portal Office after "Waseda-net Portal", known at the time as a tool providing services over the Web. On the other hand, investigations into improving a window which received many complaints also started.

Providing high quality services

A feature of this office is its establishment as a general window where its primary goal was "you can find out anything here", aiming to be a one-stop place dealing with course revision consultations and campus guide information, and lost and found services etc. In other words, a place where you can solve your problems. Secondly, with all corresponding records being stored on computer, as a system, the same service can be provided to anybody. And with data analysis we can find user needs, and with swift service, further improve the level of service. Thirdly, At an office where many student staff members work, by creating a joint operations manual, all staff gain common knowledge, resulting in faster response to operations.

Promotion of Student Participation Projects

At this office we promote practical joint academia-industry projects for the students. One of those is where the university and businesses link up, and students are presented problems related to business in a "professional workshop". Students from various faculties engage in vigorous debate on proposals such as how to improve Nissan's brand strength, and how to increase the number of spectators in the professional basketball league. Ideas borne out of here lead to business chances and have received positive feedback from the businesses.

Another project is "Junior Navi", where students and staff join together to support new entrants (see below). Through these activities we provide a place for a full university life, and work hard to have even one more student think, "I'm glad I went to Waseda".


A place to meet new faces and grow new ideas
Faculty Lounge

At the front is a communication space, at the back, a meeting room

A communication space opened on May 10 this year. A space created with the aim of sprouting new ideas through exchange, regardless of faculty and nationality, over a cup of coffee. At the back is a simple, AV equipped meeting room where exchange meetings can take place.

Waseda Campus Building No. 7 1F
Available for use
Graduate students (doctorate students), academic staff and researchers
For enquiries regarding use of the meeting space, contact Waseda Portal Office (TEL: 03-5286-9845)
Asking Young Staff

Hikari Kawai
Science and Engineering Center Administrative Affairs Division General Affairs Section

Using Practical Experience to Provide Student Life Support to New Entrants

-"What is "Junior Navi" involved in?
"Junior Navi" is a project where current students give support and advice regarding university life to new students. The amount of information given to students when entering university is huge. That is where current students give advice, relating their own experiences and relieve the new student's anxiety, supporting a start to fulfilled university life.

This program started with the 2008 new entrants and has been giving support for three years. Students with the same goal of, "I found it hard when I started university and I don't want to put my juniors through the same thing", get together, and young volunteer staff and about 30 students hold an "ask anything consultation session" and "campus tour". For 2009 new entrants, "Revision Navi", supporting class enrollment and revision support, "Junior Navi Blog (Navi Log hereafter)", delivering easy to understand necessary information and useful information to new students from the viewpoint of current students, and "Campus Navi", navigating new students around campus, took place. "Navi Log" was accessed about 90,000 times in the 1 1/2 weeks it was available. In addition to the previous year, 2010 saw the introduction of the "Class Tutor System", supporting new entrant class communication and university life in the new term, "Total Consultation BBS" using the university education support system "Course N@vi", and "Lunch Meeting", to deepen friendship among new entrants. Also, "Junior Navi" developed a theme song and actively conducted advertising activities. Thanks to that, in the two months of availability, "Navi Log" received over 150,000 hits, raising its degree of recognition to the next level.

We have also received messages of gratitude from students who have left their hometowns and parents, leading to a feeling of satisfaction. Also, in a sense, it is an opportunity for staff to learn project management.

Junior Navi Blog Website(left)
Junior Navi Poster(right)

-A message to the readers, please.
We hope to further improve the quality of projects, make "Navi Log" easier on the eye, and increase eye-catching contents. We also aim to make "Navi Log" known to prospective students as an entrance into "Junior Navi", so all new entrants can make use of "Junior Navi" and have a good start to their university life.
We want to try hard in making a program with merits for new entrants, parents, prospective students, current students involved in activities, academic staff, and finally, the university and society as a whole.