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Autumn Issue (Nov.)

MISSION! Work of university

Introduction to various missions of teaching staff and new trends in Waseda University

Supporting both the academics and athletics of students

Provide generous support for student life from the perspective of students
Striving to create an environment which will develop rich human ability

The Student Affairs Section provides a variety of support that enables students to enjoy peace of mind and lead a fulfilling student life. Such support includes creation of an environment for student life and the management of extracurricular activities. Approximately 30 staff members perform their duties under a policy of constantly providing detailed and generous support from the perspective of students.

An excellent health insurance system that supports healthy student life

The Student Affairs Section presides over "Student Education & Research Injury Insurance," which compensates students for injuries incurred during education and research activities, and the "Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Society," which grants medical services to students and performs activities to promote student health. The Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Society is an organization with approximately 50 years of history when counting from its precursor, the Student Health Insurance Union. The society grants a maximum annual payment of 60,000 yen for personal medical expenses which are within the scope of applicable medical insurance and which exceed 500 yen. Also, student-operated committees are actively establishing activities to increase the interest of students in regards to health. Such activities include the implementation of the "Event for Alcohol Skin Patch Tests, Tobacco Tar Tests & Body Composition Measurements," which is held in the spring, and the "Event for Dental Checkups & Body Composition Measurements," which is held in autumn. As part of such programs, the Student Affairs Section conducts the receipt of application for medical grants and handles procedures for the issuing of grant money. Furthermore, by supporting the activities of student activities, the Student Affairs Section hopes to respond to the needs of students in relation to the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Society.

Additionally, the Student Affairs Section is responsible for a wide variety of support, including preparation for the use of seminar houses, the introduction of part-time work through web sites, and a service for registering home tutors.


In addition to peace of mind, we provide a dormitory life which possesses educational significance

A rich variety of educational programs (at the atrium of Tanashi Dormitory)

Waseda University students are able to enter dormitories which are operated by our university, dormitories which are part of the Wakeijuku Foundation, recommended dormitories, and the Waseda International Dormitory (WID), which is operated through a business partnership with Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Among these facilities, the Student Affairs Section is responsible for managing the Tanashi Dormitory, the Higashifushimi Dormitory, and the Ichishima Memorial Sendagi Dormitory, all of which are operated by Waseda University. Not so long ago, dormitories were thought of as simply providing a secure and comfortable living environment for students. However, the current main policy of our dormitories is to foster a sense of communication as international citizens through mixed living with foreign exchange students. Furthermore, students living in dormitories can participate in a variety of educational programs such as theme discussions and English lessons, and dormitories are positioned as educational facilities.

It is common for foreign universities to have dormitories established within the university campus. The securing of living space is a major issue in regards to the acceptance of large numbers of foreign exchange students in the future. Therefore, around the 2013 academic year, we will establish a dormitory in Nakano that is capable of housing approximately 900 students, making it the largest dormitory at a Japanese university. An environment will be created in which Japanese students and foreign exchange students from a variety of countries live and eat together, thus allowing students to enjoy a rich student life that cannot be obtained from classes alone.


Promoting correct understanding and support for disabled students studying at our university

An assistant records the lecture in a computer

There are students with disabilities studying at Waseda University. The "Office for Students with Disabilities" was established in 2006, setting a precedent for universities throughout Japan. A coordinator for the support of disabled students is stationed at the office. Currently, a total of 23 students are using services provided by the office, including 11 students with hearing disabilities, 5 students with visual disabilities, and 7 students with physical disabilities. One example of the various services conducted by the office can be found in the support offered to hearing-impaired students. Hearing-impaired students are accompanied by two assistants when attending classes. The assistants record the instructor's lecture in a notebook and in a computer in order to convey information to the disabled student. Support seminars are held for assistants once per semester. In addition to studying technical support skills, these seminars increase understanding towards disabilities and serve as a follow-up to support activities. Almost all assistants who participate in support are students, and there are currently around 150 active assistants. However, when considering the need to match schedules and areas of expertise, the reality is that there is a shortage of assistants.

Furthermore, instructors who are responsible for disabled students are provided with information such as fundamental knowledge regarding disabilities and methods of caring for students. However, there is still a lack of correct understanding. Our office hopes to increase the number of people who correctly understand disabilities and to increase the number of assistants available for support.


Supporting extracurricular activities that form humanity

Support is provided for various university events such as the Waseda Festival, a lively event which attracts many visitors every year.

Extracurricular activities add excitement to student life and include activities such as club activities and volunteer activities. The friendships, leadership ability and communication ability gained through extracurricular activities are of great merit later in life. There are a great number of circle activities conducted at Waseda University, with approximately 570 groups that have submitted notification to the university.

The Student Affairs Office supports such groups by distributing financial subsidiaries and by allowing the use of university facilities. Our office also provides supports for universities events and other events which are held throughout the year. While respecting the initiative and unique ideas which are possessed by students, we strive to guide events in a positive direction by utilizing our experience as instructors.

Waseda University has an incentive award system for individuals and groups that have created outstanding results for student life. The Student Affairs Section manages the Ono Azusa Memorial Award, an award with a history of tradition and authority, as well as the Waseda Student's Culture Award, which was established in 2001.


3 publications which convey information needed for student life and which develop a love towards our university

It is no easy task to convey the required information to all students at Waseda University, an educational institution which contains 50,000 students. Therefore, the Student Affairs Section issues 3 publications in order to enhance information available within our university. The first publication is "Waseda Weekly." This publication aims to create affection and pride towards Waseda by introducing the research activities of instructors and the activities of students. Also, Waseda Weekly advertises university events and conveys important information from the university as necessary. The second publication is "Shinsho (The New Bell)," which is issued once a year. Shinso provides in-depth coverage of a single theme, and features instructor research as well as students and alumni who are related to the theme. Shinsho introduces the wide breadth of research conducted at Waseda University and covers the diversity of our alumni. The third publication is the "Student Life Survey," which is issued once a year. This publication assesses the current state of student life and is used as fundamental material for the proposal of university policy. These publications can also be viewed on the Waseda website.


Seeking to increase health consciousness among students

"Healthy Campus"

The Healthy Campus logo was selected from open application. The featured logo is the work of students at the Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering.

"Healthy Campus," a project which is conducted throughout our entire university, seeks to increase health consciousness among students and to enable students to maintain good health throughout their lives. Specifically, the program consists of open courses related to health and features health-related campaigns and events. The Student Affairs Division holds events such as the "President's Cup Sporting Competition" and the "Health Festival," and a walking event was also held in October.

Furthermore, the "Refresh Studio" was opened in May of 2009. This facility allows students to enjoy light exercise such as yoga and balance ball workouts, and is very popular among female students. Through the Healthy Campus project, we will continue to provide opportunities for students to reflect upon their own health in the future.