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MISSION! Work of university

Introduction to various missions of teaching staff and new trends in Waseda University

Supporting both the academics and athletics of students

Waseda Sports take the Next Step

What is the mechanism of the Athletic Sports Center, which supports the performance of athletic club members?

Supporting the performance of 2,300 club members

The Athletic Sports Center also conducts the Athletic Award Ceremony/Entrance Ceremony which is held every year in May.

The predecessor of the Athletic Sports Center was the Physical Education Office, which was established in 1952. The Physical Education Office conducted 2 major types of work, which were the control of each athletic club and the course management of health and physical education subjects. However, the office was reorganized in 2003, based upon the “Fundamental Philosophy of the Executive Board regarding a Grand Design for Education and Research in the 21st Century”, which was established in 2001. The control of each athletic club was transferred to the newly started Athletic Sports Center which was started at the time of reorganization, and the course management of health and physical education subjects was transferred to the Open Education Center, which was established in 2000. As a result, the Athletic Sports Center was positioned as an institution specializing in the strengthening of athletic clubs, and was entrusted with realizing the establishment and improvement of Waseda sports.

The business activities of the center are unique in their wide range. The center is responsible for everything from financial management of subsidies received from the university and donations received from reporters, to maintenance and management of athletic facilities, student support in dormitories, issuance of publications and management of homepages, implementation of events and ceremonies, and response to accidents. Expressed simply, the center is a “window to connect athletic clubs with the inside and outside of the university”.

The main office of the Athletic Sports Center is in Building No. 35 of the Toyama Campus. Staff is stationed in the Higashifushimi Campus, which holds the practice facilities and dormitories of each athletic club. Special employees work in both the Athletic Sports Center and the Open Education Center in order to conduct course management of health and physical education subjects. A total of 16 full-time and temporary staff members support the activities of 43 athletic clubs and approximately 2,300 athletes.

Together with Students, who are the Central Role Players

Together with Students, who are the Central Role Players
The “Next Step for Waseda Sports” has been forth as part of the “Next 125” program which is currently being held across the entire university. The major themes of “Next Step of Waseda Sports” include strengthened promotion of sports towards ordinary students, social contribution and international exchange through sports, strengthened promotion of competitive sports, development of club members who will become leaders of society, and strengthening of the financial base which supports sports promotion. The Athletic Sports Center performs actions centered on these themes while creating partnerships with related areas.

Together with the implementation of these actions, the center cooperated with members of athletic clubs to establish the “Waseda Athlete Declaration” in May of this year (refer to p. 13). Adherence to this declaration will foster the creation of sportsmanship, which includes making friends through sports and respecting opponents, referees, and all people who offer instruction and support. This will lead to the expansion of Waseda sports. The fact that students themselves, the leading role players in Waseda sports, were involved in the establishment of the declaration should serve as future motivation for students. We would like to continue to respect the will of our students.

On the other hand, it is natural that the members of athletic clubs are still regarded as students by society. We intend to provide comprehensive support for items such as negotiations with institutions outside of the university, as well as support for all athletic clubs, in order for Waseda University to become a constantly leading presence in the world of student sports.

For the Promotion of Waseda Sports

As the philosophy of a healthy university, Waseda University raises the concept of “academics and athletics” which was proposed by Shigenobu Okuma, the first president of our university. Under this philosophy, and over the course of many years, our students have sought to achieve the best sports performance in Japan, while also keeping a balance with academics. Our students have played a leading role in modern Japanese sports. However, particularly in the 1990s, there was a marked weakening in the competitive performance of Waseda sports, and voices of concern were raised from both inside and outside of the university. (An example can be seen in the number of Waseda students/alumni who participated in the summer Olympics (refer to the graph on the right). Therefore, in 1999, the Executive Board established a Sports Promotion Committee and implemented a number of policies to support the strengthening of Waseda sports. The Athletic Sports Center has formed a partnership with the Sports Promotion Committee, and is working to enhance subsidies for sports facilities and international games.

According to the staff, "Our work is rewarding because we can provide support while interacting directly with students."

Also, the School of Sports Science was established in 2003, which has enabled the recruitment of outstanding students and the support of each athletic club by students who wish to become athletic trainers. Currently, Waseda sports are gradually being returned to their previous state.

Furthermore, in order to prepare an environment that allows every athlete to commit themselves to sports, the Athletic Sports Center is actively advancing the strengthening of safety measures. Specifically, support is being provided for the risk management which, until now, was the responsibility of each individual athletic club. This support includes blood tests and electrocardiogram examinations for every athlete, training in emergency aid, and the publishing of a guidebook regarding prevention of and response to injury. The stronger that sports become, the more that these kinds of activities will be subject to attention. We are working together with students in the implementation of many measures, while at the same time valuing the spirit of independence and autonomy that has been a tradition since the establishment of each athletic club.

Discussion with Young Staff Member

Takahito Sekiguchi (2nd Year)

Social Contribution through Sports

--What kind of work are you in charge of?
I’m in charge of the operation of health and physical education subjects (responsible institution is the Open Education Center). There are many related parties to athletic clubs in faculty and business subsidies, and a partnership with this center and each club is essential to management. Also, with assistance from my superiors, I am also in charge of the new project of constructing a club member management data system and a dedicated portal site for club members.

--What do you find fulfilling about your work?
Through the activities of this center, I am blessed with the opportunity to come into contact with the many people of support Waseda University. These people include current students, faculty and staff from all related areas, alumni, and ordinary fans of Waseda. It is a great learning experience. Waseda sports are one of the main pillars for conveying the spirit of Waseda University, both inside and outside of the university. Therefore, I consider it an honor to be able to help in conveying that spirit through my work.

--What are your future goals?
I would like to make even small advancements to the realization of Waseda’s philosophy of making global social contributions. To begin with, I want to perform my allotted work correctly so that trust can be gained from both inside and outside the university. Also, I hope to make even small contributions to social contribution and student education through sports while working at this center.

Discussion with Member of Athletic Club

Koichi Nakamura (Waseda University Booster Club)

A Protecting Presence

--What kind of activities do you perform?
The Booster Club is one of the 43 athletic clubs. Our club is composed of the 3 divisions of leaders, cheer leaders, and a brass band. We support other clubs during their games, and also provide support for events such as the Athletic Awards Ceremony/Entrance Ceremony, and the Entrance Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony for Waseda University. In July, we participated in the send-off ceremony for athletes participating in the Olympics and Paralympics, an event which was held by the Athletic Sports Center. Our club has the closest relationship with the Athletic Sports Center.

--What kind of presence is the Athletic Sports Center?
The center is a protecting presence for athletic clubs. For example, there are times when our practices require loud voices or sounds, and the center will negotiate with the citizens living in the immediate area. The staff of the center makes it possible for use to perform club activities. The center is an essential presence.

Event Report
Send-Off Ceremony for Participants in the Olympics/Paralympics

On July 17th, a send-off ceremony was held at the Waseda Campus for participants in the Olympics and Paralympics. This was the first initiative of the Athletic Sports Center. Many students gathered on the day of the ceremony, regardless of tests and makeup periods. The Booster Club performed a cheer for the participating athletes, and the ceremony was a valuable opportunity for mutual interaction between athletes and students, creating a feeling of unity in everyone involved.