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MISSION! Work of university

Introduction to various missions of teaching staff and new trends in Waseda University

Develop the ability to carve your own life and lifestyle

Supporting the decisions of students

What does the Career Center do to realize the goal of subjective career formation?

Supporting a variety of consultation relating to the future

In October of 2002, the Career Center (located on the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building in Building No. 30 on the Toyama Campus) was established by expanding the existing Job-Placement Section in order to strengthen career support. The Career Center provides support for the career plans of all students, from the time students enter into Waseda to the job-hunting period and even after graduation. There are 9 fulltime employees at the Career Center, as well as 3 contract employees and 7 temporary employees. Special booths exist for individual consultation with Career Center staff, student career advisors, and career advisors. Also, various types of materials have been prepared, such as literature regarding certification and job searching, as well as DVDs of lectures regarding job-hunting.

A total of approximately 8,000 students visit the Career Center for consultation each year, with a focus on 3rd year undergraduate students and 1st year students in a master’s program. Also, information for approximately 6,000 corporations and employment ads are listed in the “Corporation / Employment Information Reference” area of the Career Compass site, a portal site of Wasedanet. This information can be viewed from student’s homes. A mobile website for the homepage will be opened from this academic year, making the Career Center even more accessible.

Holding 700 events every year

Mr. Nishio (left) and Mr. Naganuma of the Career Center

The Career Center is a pillar of support for students themselves to take the initiative in forming a career by making the most of their personal qualifications and abilities. The Career Center has two major objectives. The first is career formation support, which is performed from the time that students are in lower grades. The second is job-hunting support, which focuses on students who are in or above the 3rd year of undergraduate school or the 1st year of a master’s program. The Career Center offers a total of 700 various programs every year.

Career formation support encourages students to examine themselves and uses programs that lead to the setting of specific goals. Through this process, which starts from lower grades, students are given the opportunity to consider their life and what they want to do. In additions to career guidance which takes place when students enter the university, there are internships which begin from the 1st year of university. Also, there are career building seminars which encourage students to consider what actions they should take now in order to build a career plan.

Furthermore, the “Preparing to Prepare for Job-Hunting” seminar has started from this academic year. This program focuses on 2nd year students, a year which had few programs in the past. Mr. Kenji Naganuma, Administrative Director of the Career Center, describes the objective by saying that “We want students to use the Career Center as a place to create friends who will engage in job-hunting together”.

Job-hunting support also offers a full lineup of programs. To begin with, research programs regarding each industry and occupation type serve as a basis for selecting corporations. Orientations which feature the gathering of many corporations are held within the university, and alumni and humans relations personnel from corporations are invited to participate in informal discussions. Also, programs are held which provide students with practical know-how, such as how to write an application form and how to behave during an interview.

Mr. Masaki Nishio, Director of the Career Center, emphasizes the importance of student’s voluntary initiative by saying that “There are some universities at which students are practically led by the hand with the goal of gaining employment at a famous corporation. Waseda doesn’t take this approach. We strive for support that acts like a push on the back for confused students, support that helps students to notice something new. If students don’t think and act for themselves, job-hunting isn’t going to go smoothly, and students won’t be able to perform after entering a company.”

Rank Company Name Total Male Female
1 Mizuho Financial Group 99 58 41
2 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 84 50 34
3 NTT Data Corporation 82 66 16
4 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. 77 37 40
5 Hitachi, Ltd. 70 57 13
6 Recruit Co., Ltd. 66 37 29
7 NEC 65 51 14
8 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. 64 48 16
9 Canon Inc. 62 54 8
10 Fujitsu 56 41 15
11 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 55 46 9
12 Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. 55 43 12
13 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. 55 41 14
14 Sony Corporation 52 43 9
15 Toyota Motor Corporation 52 45 7
Rank Company Name Total Male Female
16 Japan Overseas Enterprises Association 52 37 15
17 Nippon Life Insurance Company 51 24 27
18 Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. 47 22 25
19 Employee of the City of Tokyo (Type I) 44 27 17
20 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 43 32 11
21 Toshiba Corporation 39 25 14
22 Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. 39 30 9
23 NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 38 24 14
24 Intelligence Ltd. 37 15 22
25 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 36 14 22
26 IBM Japan 35 24 11
27 Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 35 29 6
28 The Daiichi Mutual Life Insurance Company 34 15 19
29 Government Employee (Type II) 33 21 12
30 Special Ward Employee (Tokyo Ward 23) 33 21 12

*This table was created based upon a report submitted voluntarily by graduates (undergraduate schools and graduate schools).

(Response Rate: 92.4%)

Moving forwards with students

The peak has already been crossed for the job-hunting battle of 2008,which is said to be a sellers market. As of the end of May, 80 percent ofstudents seeking employment have received a job offer from a corporation.

The Career Center alone cannot provide job-hunting support. Mr. Naganumasays that it is particularly important that families are supportive ofjob-hunting activities. "Compared with past generations, job-huntingactivities have become much longer and more difficult. I hope that parentsof students who are about to embark in job-hunting will understand therechildren's situation. It would be ideal for parents to refrain fromasserting their own values onto their children and gave the children warmsupport." Guidance for parents will be held in July (refer to Information).

In the future, the Career Center will hold more programs and events thatrespond to student's needs. Also, the center will provide job-huntingsupport for foreign exchange students, and plans to provide a full amount ofinformation and consultation for students who wish to proceed to highereducation.

Visit the Career Center with any questions that you may have. Our staff iswaiting and ready to think together with our students.

Career Center Website

Discussion with a young employee

Ms. Kumi Kobayashi (2nd year of employment)

The strength of a person can be seen during job-hunting

-What are your duties?
I am responsible for helping foreign exchange students to understand Japanese customs, supporting students in advertising themselves, and supporting female students in creating a life plan

-What do you keep in mind when acting as a counselor for students?
I try to listen well to what students are saying and to draw out their feelings. When I am consulted by students who are unsure of their ideals or what kind of work they want to do, I talk about my own valuable experiences from the past. Using my own experience, I help students to broaden their perspectives, exchange ideas with students, and give advice.

-Can you offer some advice to students?
I hope that students can make a variety of friends. During job-hunting activities, the strength of a person can be seen. Regardless of differences in ages, people see their own issues when being judged by others, and people naturally become stronger. I hope that students will use the Career Center any time that they need help.