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MISSION! Work of university

Introduction to various missions of teaching staff and new trends in Waseda University

Students create and develop by themselves.

Community for cross-cultural exchange

What is the ICC mechanism for promoting human exchange beyond national borders and nationalities?

As the place for understanding and transmitting every kind of sense value

At ICC, you can access any country in the world.

International Community Center (hereinafter referred to as "ICC") was established as one organ for students in June 2006, with the purpose of promoting the mutual exchange between international students (ISs) and local students (LSs)*. Beyond the borders of nation, nationality, and culture, students get together and deepen their understanding of different cultures through communication. ICC recognizes different cultures from a broad perspective, and introduces not only foreign cultures but also local cultures throughout Japan, and aims to understand every kind of value by defining local communities, alumni, and teaching staff of different generations as the counterparts for exchange.

The motivation for establishing this center was born when a group of young staff of Student Affairs Section and International Affairs Section visited the global lounge of Yonsei University in South Korea for overseas training. This center was proposed, while thinking it necessary to not only increase international students and dispatched students but also improve the basic campus environment, in order to internationalize our education. This center now has the highest quality software and hardware for cross-cultural exchange in Japan, attracting visitors from other colleges.

The staff in charge of operation are composed of 5 officials and 7 student staff leaders. At ICC, the student staff leaders, who were selected among the public, plan events, make presentations, and deal with visitors, in their spare time between classes.

*Local students mean the students who received education or grew up in Japan, regardless of nationality.

In the first fiscal year, a total of 5,000 people participated in the events for exchange.

Challenging the performance of the musical "Fame"

The diversified events held at ICC are designed by student staff and event supporters (volunteer students) in a freewheeling manner. In the first fiscal year, as many as over 130 events were held, including the Japanese Festa for introducing Japanese culture to international students and the event for international students to introduce their countries' cultures, including music, dances, foods, and ethnic costumes, etc. Students approach private firms actively by themselves, enlisting corporate sponsorship for the events. In addition, ICC has a long-term project aimed at deepening the understanding and friendship through the process of developing one thing on a long-term basis. Last year, we challenged the performance of the Broadway musical "Fame." About 100 local and international students prepared and practiced for about 10 months, and the Japanese-English bilingual performance at Okuma Hall was successful.

The main activities of ICC are the events for exchange in the campus. In addition, the off-campus activity called "outreach" is carried out as part of "practical activities for nurturing the ability to live in multicultural society," which was chosen as a "student support program to meet new social needs" (student support GP) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in fiscal 2007. In the activity for understanding different cultures and supporting education, international students introduce their countries' cultures and societies as guest speakers in elementary, middle, or high school, and local students help them communicate with one another. In addition, they can experience labor in a local production site and do voluntary activities.

Small window linked to the world

Looking back at the first fiscal year in which we handled each event by trial and error, Ms. Yuko Hazeki (right in the photo) mentioned about the future mission, "As university is further globalized and international students increase, there may be an increasing number of students who suffer from solitude and have worries about their study. I hope such students will use ICC. Of course, I hope that not only international students but also other students will find some way to advance to the global stage, through the small window of ICC. Then, if we can usually see international and local students deepening their friendship and studying together in the near future, ICC will have new missions. Our staff's mission is to find how to respond to the constantly-changing needs in a flexible and proactive manner."

ICC is strengthening the cooperation with other sections of Waseda University, and is suggesting new possibilities of globalization of Waseda University. We are looking forward to seeing the future development.

ICC website

Growth is actually felt through the experience with ICC.

Student staff leader: Ms. Sayaka Morita
(2-year student of School of International Liberal Studies)

I lived in the United States when I was commuting to elementary and middle school, because of my parents' jobs. So, I have had many chances to interact with people from various countries since early childhood. When I was looking for some activity in which I can utilize my experience, I found the advertisement for recruiting student staff leaders and I applied for it. This is because I was attracted by the possibility of becoming a bridge between international and local students, and encountering a broad range of people inside and outside campus.

Actually, I have experienced various things as a student staff leader. I planned and operated "Japanese Festa" and the caf辿 event for introducing French campus life, and cooperated in the diversity project focused on the disabled, realizing how disabled students lead their daily lives, and introduced ICC in front of several hundred students. Through these activities, I could grow up in the past one year. I am going to start to prepare for overseas study. I expect that I will be able to utilize my experiences at ICC.

Event report - Project for introducing the culture of each country
"Japanese Festa"

After opening the door of the ICC lounge facing the verdant Okuma Garden, I saw the space filled with gay laughter-"Japanese dance experience" of "Japanese Festa" for welcoming new international students who have just came to Japan in April. In the bright glassed-in room, international students stare at the spotlighted elegant Aoi-style dance, while local students, who planned and prepared this event, enjoy this scene. Such a scene was rarely seen before. After appreciating the dance of lecturers, students themselves dance. They dance "Sakura Sakura," while learning how to use a Japanese fan. They see Japanese culture, make new friends, and then start their enjoyable campus life in Waseda.