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Early Spring Issue (Apr.2015)


Establishment of the Ryusaku Tsunoda Center of Japanese Culture
Bringing the world a fusion of Japanese studies from Japan and the West
Winners of the 2014 Waseda Research Awards
2014 Spring Term
Winners of the Waseda University Teaching Award—President Award

University reform continues.

Interview:Instilling the concept of reform throughout the university and continuing to evolve
Special dialogue:Opening our university to the world“Waseda Ocean Initiative”
Pick Up:Model bases for changes in education and research
Japanese Cultural Studies
ICT/Robot Engineering

Front Runner - Young People Making a Difference -

Take action and you are sure to be rewarded

Maria Okada, 1st-Year in the Master’s Program of Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Human Sciences

Never hesitate to follow your heart

Hirotaka Aragaki, Producer, Film Planning Office, Video Production Department, Image Headquarters SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.

Frontline of Research

Waseda University’s English education program based on cutting-edge applied linguistics research

Michiko Nakano, Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences

Message to the second century

Spreading imagination across the globe

Eiko Kadono, Author of Children’s Literature

Evolution of the University

Strengthening networks between the university and alumni active throughout Japan

Takao Tomogane, Director, Global Education Center Director, Alumni Affairs Section at the Office of the President, Waseda University Direcotor, Waseda University Alumni Association


Appointment of new Executive Directors and Auditors
Holding of the Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2014
Students from the Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy comprise about 40%
Tangible results from the “Waseda of Research”
Clarifying part of the control mechanism for spine density of synapses
Development of the new adsorbent Catenaccio PA (provisional name)
Winning the Global Prize of the 1st Asahi Innovative Education Prize
Director Koreeda teaches filmmaking to elementary school studnets
Holding of the Waseda University Special Concert with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Athletic teams excel at both academics and sports!
Yuzuru Hanyu won the Grand Prix final for the second consecutive time
Waseda Festival, Sports Festival, Waseda Culture and Arts Week

Landscape of Waseda

Vacation of Okuma Garden