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New Year Issue (Jan. 2014)


50 years of cooperation with GLCA and ACM
Visit from Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel to Japan
Holding of the Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2013
Awards ceremony for the 13th Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Tanzan Ishibashi
Awards ceremony and celebration held for the Waseda University Shoyo Tsubouchi Award
Selected for the Re-Inventing Japan Project
Verification for precious movie film existing only at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Lecture discussing the drama of discovering the Higgs boson
Holding the Research Institute Forum in Morioka
International symposium held by WOJUSS
Waseda in the Taisho Democracy Era
Waseda Festival, Sports Festival & Waseda Culture and Arts Week
Another successful year for athletic teams in 2013
Career Center holds a corporate information sessions on Waseda Campus

A happy future with people and robots

Aiming for coexistence with people
Humanoid robot technology at Waseda
History of robot research at Waseda
Three-way discussion among researchers: World-leading robot research at Waseda

Message to the second century

Taking a broad view of the world based on solid self-understanding.
That’s the first step in becoming a global professional.

Takehiro Kagawa
Director-General for Global Issues (Ambassador)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

My study,My career

Seeking to expand research through active collaboration with experts in other fields

Atsuko Takamatsu, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering

A WASEDA Miscellany

A Summer of Linguistics

MUEHLEISEN Victoria (Associate Professor, Faculty of International Research and Education)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Move forward without hesitation

Yutaka Kaneko (Director, Human Resources Division, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK))

Waseda rediscovery

Towering symbol of Science and Engineering