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Autumn Issue (Nov. 2013)


Waseda University professors awarded the Commendation by the Minister of the Environment and Commendation by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
Professor Mari Kobayashi becomes first female Commissioner
Partnership agreement with Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Commemorating the 10th anniversary of e-school
Holding of the first Symposium for/by Language
September Commencement & Entrance Ceremony
Waseda programs selected for MEXT projects
Reporting advanced results from the Waseda of Research
Lecture for considering peaceful growth in East Asia
Holding of the Exhibition of Asian Theatre Masks and the Aizu Mask Festival
Many students visit Tohoku to support disaster areas
Holding the 2013 Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi-Fushimi
Daiya Seto wins gold medal at FINA World Championships

Waseda Literature

Three-way discussion : The appeal of Waseda literature that cultural intellectuals discuss
History of “Waseda literature”
Transmitting new literature
The venerable literary magazine Waseda Bungaku
Introduction of courses : The study of literature
Words from current authors : Waseda literature and me

Message to the second century

Broadly transmitting the uniqueness of Waseda
Cultivating leaders required for the times

Hiroshi Kobayashi, Director, Recruit Research Institute of Higher Education
Senior Editor of Recruit College Management

My study,My career

I want to set and pursue my own themes and establish my own research

Aki Yamauchi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce

A WASEDA Miscellany

Thoughts about Being the First, the Only or One of the Few:
It's about more than merely hiring women!

Pauline C. Reich (Professor, Faculty of Law and Director, Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Research Institute American lawyer, arbitrator and mediator)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Becoming a person who changes the world through repeated effort towards realizing your ideal

Jun Kitagawa (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation General Affairs Division, Human Resource Dept No. 1 Section Manager of Hiring and Personnel )

Waseda rediscovery

A center of knowledge and culture which praises one of our founding fathers