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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


4 Waseda faculty members win the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
A New Start: Holding the Commencement, Degree Confirmation Ceremony and Entrance Ceremony
Presenting Honorary Doctorates and Awards for Distinguished Services
Opening of the Global Education Center
Starting the Waseda Legal Commons Project for cultivating strong legal professionals
Implementing educational programs for working professionals in order to cultivate next-generation leaders
Developing information security services using cloud service
2012 employment conditions
Holding of first Gathering of Kansai Tomon Economists
Exhibiting art works and materials that convey the culture and history of Japan and foreign countries
Takashi Atoda discusses his short story “Big Dreams”
Considering the possibility of social reform through business
First-ever victories of men’s & women’s teams at the same time at the All-Japan Ski Championships

Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition 2012
Waseda’s future as conceived by students

Theme of the 39 applicant teams by category
The power of students thinking about changing Waseda’s future
Feelings toward a Waseda 20 years in the future
A university where students, faculty and staff share ideas to create a chemical reaction

Message to the second century

Utilizing the strengths of university to approach healthcare for the elderly through a diverse partnership

Dr. Mikihito Ishiki

My study,My career

Pursuing my interest was the first step toward becoming a researcher

Professor Chizuru Sugiyama, Faculty of Sport Sciences

A WASEDA Miscellany

Life after PhD: A Researcher's Personal Journey

Zhen-Bo Cao (Ph.D., Faculty of Sport Sciences)

Career compass
Students and career choices

There is no manual for being a human being. Simply commit yourself and give your best effort.

Mr. Takahisa Mizukami, Lawyer

Waseda rediscovery

An unchanging spring tradition