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Campus Now

Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2013)


Associate Professor Hiromichi Niikura (Faculty of Science and Engineering) wins the JSPS Prize
300 people attend a university-wide information session on Waseda Vision 150
Generous support pledged to the Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza
Holding the Waseda Tomon Economists Gathering 2013
Opening of dedicated smartphone site
Donation of all 26 completed volumes of the Waseda University Booklet “Thinking Post-Quake”
28th to 30th classes of the EU Executive Japan Training Programme (ETP) sponsored by the European Union
Steady results from Waseda of Research
Selection of leader cultivation program from Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
Two programs selected for the MEXT’s Re-Inventing Japan Project
Seminar: Japan’s Soft Power in the 21st Century and Concept for Establishment of the East Asian University Institute (EAUI)
Final installment of the Waseda Vision 150 Symposium—Considering Liberal Arts Education
Outstanding performances by athletic teams in 2012

Cultivating global leaders active in the community
Happy relationships between university and the community

Discussion : How can a university invigorate the community?
Cultivating global leaders active in the community
Joint projects between the community×Waseda×students
Global leaders active in various regions

Message to the second century

To realize world peace, planting the hope for peace in the hearts of children

Ms. Tenkoko Sonoda

My study,My career

I want to balance research with child-raising and break into a new field of research

Professor Aiko Watanabe, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences

A WASEDA Miscellany

Some thoughts on rules

Robert Ferenc VESZTEG(Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Engage seriously in your current activities and find your own identity

Mr. Atsuya Sakata, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Upper-Level Specialist Staff, Human Resources Department, Hiring Section

Waseda rediscovery

Cultural works conveying the wisdom of predecessors