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Campus Now : New Year Issue (Jan.)


Two professors selected as honorary fellows
2012 Homecoming Day & Tomon Festival
130th anniversary of the School of Political Science and Economics
Awards ceremony for the 12th "Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan"
Joint international conference held by OECD, APEC and Waseda University
Producing steady results from "Waseda of Research"
The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) greets its 10th anniversary
Events held with great fanfare
Holding of the "Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2012"
Various exhibitions held, from historical writings to seals


Formulation of "Waseda Vision 150"
Long Interview : Seeking to become Asia's leading university
Formulation of "Waseda Vision 150"
Waseda University in 2032
By the Numbers: Waseda Vision 150
Formulation of "Waseda Vision 150"
Conversation : Bringing happiness to people throughout the world
In order to cultivate global leaders
Formulation of "Waseda Vision 150"
Discussion with graduates who perform on a global stage : By 2032, realizing a world which shares food equally

Message to the second century

Contributing to international growth
Expectations for the development of true global professionals

My study,My career

The importance of having a multifaceted perspective towards all things

A WASEDA Miscellany

Japan's leading graduate school of business

Career compass

Clarify your beliefs and conduct satisfying job-hunting activities

Waseda rediscovery

An auditorium incorporating the heavens