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Campus Now

New Year Issue (Jan.)

"Waseda Vision 150"

To Continue Being a University that Contributes to the World


2 professors from the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences receive awards steeped in tradition
30th anniversary of the establishment of the Extension Center
Relief of Chiune Sugihara erected at Waseda Campus
Purchase of World Bank "Green Bonds"
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Art and Architecture School
"The Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan" presentation ceremony held
Hideki Noda and Tou Enjo awarded the "Waseda University Tsubouchi Shoyo Award"
"Science Gallery" opened at the Faculty of Science and Engineering
2 programs from Waseda selected for 2011 program
Co-hosting the "Electric Car Research Group Exchange" as part of Japan-China industry and academia cooperation activities
Exchange student support program hosted by the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
Many participants enjoy foundation anniversary events
Alumni gather at the 46th Homecoming Day and the 2011 Tomon Festival
Each event held in style
On-campus galleries now open

News related to the Great East Japan Earthquake

News related to the Great East Japan Earthquake


From Research Waseda
Cooperation among industry, government and academia
Giving university wisdom back to society
Research Collaboration and Promotion Center, supporting creative innovation
Interview with the Vice-President
Solving social issues with a collected effort from industry, government, academia and the people.

Message to the second century

Wanting to do a job that sets the first successful example without being tied up by fixed ideas

From the classroom window

Aiming for an enriched educational environment by raising the usage rate of Course N@vi

A WASEDA Miscellany

Living in the Present

Career compass

Demanding a curiosity that can enjoy unprecedented work and a challenging spirit

Waseda rediscovery

Okuma's beloved scarlet gown