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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Professor Masazumi Wakatabe receives the 31st Tanzan Ishibashi Prize
Presenting the Degree of Honorary Doctor (Doctor of Law)
Ceremony and lecture held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Research Institute for Science and Engineering
Human Security Symposium
Honoring Shunjo Ichijima, 1st Library Director
Lecture by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
Steady results generated from Waseda research
Waseda University programs selected for various MEXT
Appointment of new deans and directors
Newly established graduate school majors and courses for the 2011 academic year
Holding internationally meaningful events
Active international exchange by the Waseda University Senior High School
Future scientists gather at Waseda
Issuance of coins depicting Shigenobu Okuma
Screenings of Hanamizuki and Norwegian Wood
Capturing the Oi title of shogi in brilliant performance. Overwhelming victory in the Izumo Ekiden.


The world is our campus "Study Abroad" starts from Waseda
Part.1 Interview
Foreign study is an opportunity to grow strong and flexible in an unknown world
The world is our campus "Study Abroad" starts from Waseda
Part.2 Introduction of overseas study programs
Various overseas study programs offered by Waseda
The world is our campus "Study Abroad" starts from Waseda
Part.3 The Center for International Education supports the realization of fulfilling overseas study
Making every effort to support student's first step into the unknown

Messages to Their Second Century

I want to travel to the other side of the ocean. A life spurred on by curiosity.

From the classroom window

Classes that elicit potential based on the individual characteristics of each student

A WASEDA Miscellany

To Know About Asia and to Know About the World

Career Compass

True value exists in difficulties and challenges experienced overseas

Waseda rediscovery

An important base supporting both academics and sports