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Campus Now

Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


University Staff Honored in All Areas
Forming Partnerships with 3 Internationally Focused Universities
Hosting “Tsinghua University Day”
Faculty of Science and Engineering Academic Staff and Students Taking Aim at Space
Reporting the Results of the Investigative Team of the Chilean Tsunami
Aiming for a Next-Generation Electric Energy Society
Developing Video Decoding LSI for Low Energy Consumption Next Generation Hi-Vision
Official Invitation for Student Work at Cannes International Film Festival
Thinking of the Future of the Japan-US Alliance through Events
“Waseda Student Culture and Arts Festival”
From Historical Events and Masterful Performances Brought Back to Life to Modern Art
Shakespeare Company “Hamure〜Hamlet in the Closing Days of Oshu”
Contributing to the establishment and Management of Egypt - Japan University of Science and Technology


Producing “Earth Citizens” to Carry the Future Environment While Dealing With Eco in Front of Our Eyes
We will introduce two perspectives of Waseda University's “Eco Campus” activities, “On-campus activities” and “Student activities.”
Environmental education through all-faculty sub-majors (themed study).

MISSION! University Work

Providing additional worth to university life and aiming to improve satisfaction with student services

Messages to Their Second Century

Proudly Carrying the Tradition of Waseda into the Next 125 Years

From the classroom window

Teacher and Student Communication Raises Study Effectiveness”

A WASEDA Miscellany

Does Time Really Tell Or Is It Only My Imagination?

Career Compass

Eagerness, Aptitude, and Human Relations. All Are Tested in Job Hunting Activities.

Waseda rediscovery

Soaring Free and Comfortably