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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


“Waseda University Day” at the Fudan University in China
Collaboration for research and human resource development among JAEA, Tokyo City University, and Waseda University for “Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy”
Emphasizing the importance of Japan-U.S. alliance
U.S.-Japan Research Institute provided series of seminars in Washington D.C.
Lecture by Mr. Yohei Kono, former Speaker of the House of Representatives
The “TABLE FOR TWO” Program began
Theater Museum obtained the oldest Bunraku image in existence
Development of “Catenaccio aqua” at the Research Institute for Sustainable and Environmental Technology
Waseda University, New Year Concert 2010
Modern theater, Joruri, Illustration. Introducing the footsteps of the great people in the history
Many guests! Two events were organized around the end of the year.
Think about the harassment through play
Sending hearty cheers to the players at the Vancouver Olympic Send-off Gathering
Winning the University Cup in Soccer (female) and Ice hockey
The executives of 9 universities announced the joint statement to express their concerns over the “project screening process”


Waseda, building with fellow alumni
Part1: Producing self-respecting alumni, hand in hand
Waseda, building with fellow alumni
Part2: “Waseda power” that can be observed from the alumni network and support for the alma mater
Waseda, building with fellow alumni
Part3: Welcome back to your heart's home town, Waseda University
Home Coming Day/Tomon Festival report

A WASEDA Miscellany

This theme: Learning Through Questioning

MISSION! Work of university

Open the results of the education/research to those who are willing to study

Messages to Their Second Century

I want the students to strengthen their “imagination” for issues in the world


Pursuing to “convey”

Waseda rediscovery

Unexpected encounter with an abstract entity