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Campus Now

Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


New framework agreements concluded with 2 institutions
Lecture held by Mr. Taku Miki
Professor Masayuki Irie receives the Murano Togo Prize
A memorial honorary plate set in the atrium of Building No. 11
Enhancement of partnership cooperation with Saga Prefecture
The growth of Waseda robots
Discovery of new types of gamma-ray galaxy by using a fermi gamma-ray space telescope
New exhibition rooms and exhibitions are opened at various museums
Lecture to prevent drug use held by Mr. Osamu Mizutani
Waseda Global Festival 2009
Preparations being steadily advanced for new expansion of affiliated and associated schools
2008 academic year employment environment & employment support offered by the Career Center
Policies and Current Status of Fund Management at Waseda University


Waseda & Culture Creation & Transmission
Part1 The meaning of cultural promotion performed by universities
Waseda & Culture Creation & Transmission
Part2 Following the Memory of Cultural Inscribed at Universities
Waseda & Culture Creation & Transmission
Part3 Leading a New Form of Cultural Transmission


Through environmentally-friendly electrical energy, I hope to create a society in which everyone is happy.

Messages to Their Second Century

Developing unconventional professionals who are capable of free thinking

A WASEDA Miscellany

This theme: Openness

Trend Eye

A Balance of Education and Research

Waseda rediscovery

Celebrating Japan's first placing at the Olympics.