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Campus Now



Professor Yukitsuna Sasaki is made a member of the Japan Art Academy
The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit is conferred upon Professor Norio Okazawa
Advancement of partnership with the University of Yamanashi, Nara Prefecture, and Nara Medical University
Selected for various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (continued report)
Global Robot Academia Program
90 Waseda University students visit China as the "Japanese Youth Friendship Emissary Group"
Waseda University Rugby Football Club captures its 2nd consecutive University Rugby League Championship
Holding of 2 memorial symposiums
Mr. Sadaharu Oh speaks at the unveiling ceremony for commemorative nameplate of Mr. Ike "Akihiro" Ikuhara and Mr. Peter O'Malley
Jinruikan depicts discrimination in modern Okinawa
Concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Karajan held by the Waseda University Symphony Orchestra


Volunteers connecting the university and society
WAVOC provides a system for students to experience real society
Volunteers connecting the university and society
WAVOC fusion of lecture and practice
Volunteers connecting the university and society
Will university students grow through social contribution?


A society which gives each member a sense of belonging and in which people support each other

Messages to Their Second Century

Development of professionals who will spiritually enrich Japan

A WASEDA Miscellany

This theme: The Last Science of Man

Trend Eye

Are scholars and literary figures reliable?

Waseda rediscovery

A space where the past and future intersect.