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Campus Now



Professor Makoto Fujita, Faculty of Commerce, presented with the Japan Society of Business Administration Award
Selection made for the 2008 Okuma Memorial Academic Prize
Award Ceremony for the 8th Waseda Journalism Award
Award of Honorary Doctorate Degrees
TechnoFair & 100th Anniversary Celebration
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum celebrates its 80th anniversary
70 years of research in materials science and technology
The baseball team captures its 41st victory, the first in 2 seasons
List of International Exchange Events
WASEADA×ONWARD Talk Event & Fashion Show
Establishment of the "Go for it! Miyako-no-Seihoku Scholarship (Advance Scholarship Acceptance before Entrance Examinations) Program
1 year since establishment of the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality
"Creating a New Corporate Legal Framework for a Mature Civil Society" Program


The Door to Journalism
The Potential of "J-School", the First Graduate School of Journalism in Japan
Issues of Journalism and Academism as Viewed from the Field


Indebtedness towards Germany

Messages to Their Second Century

Even 65 years ago, Waseda was an international and comfortable university.

A WASEDA Miscellany

This theme: The Charm of Spanish Literature

Trend Eye

Without an Axis

Waseda rediscovery

cover story : A Pillar Supporting the Core of Knowledge.