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Professor Hirosuke Kawanishi of the Faculty of Human Sciences received the 14th Annual Academic Award from the Society for the Study of Social Policy
Selected as the Runner-Up Grand Prix of the “15th Annual LSI of the Year, 2008”
Professor Hideaki Miyajima of the Faculty of Commerce received an M&A Forum Award
Special lecture by Kim Young-Sam, former President of the Republic of Korea
Held by the Waseda University Organization for Asian Studies
A statue of Confucius presented by the government of China
Lecture by Takai Yuichi, Recipient of the Waseda University Award for Distinguished Service to Art
Saudi Arabia Kingdom Day
Selected by various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
The 2nd “Open Campus in Osaka” ends with great success
Partnership with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Opening of the Waseda University Taipei International Exchange Center
President Shirai attends the G8 University Summit
School of Science and Engineering holds the 21st Unilab
"Osamu Ishiyama: 12 Architectural Visions", held at the Setagaya Art Museum
Baseball team tours Brazil and holds a game between Waseda and Keio
International Symposium
“Realizing high quality of life and extension of health life expectancy through the consolidation of advanced science, health studies, and medical care”


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