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Cutting-edge robot that flabbergasted the world
Outlook for soft plastic batteries
Venture born from Waseda flourishing globally
Graduate School of Teacher Education initiated in April
Prof. Ryoji Suzuki, director of Art & Architecture School, won the Award of the Japan Art Academy (Architectural Section)
Graduation Ceremony in Fiscal 2007 and Entrance Ceremony in Fiscal 2008
"The 1st Conference for University Students of Waseda University" held at Waseda University.
Prof. Hideko Magara of Faculty of Political Science and Economics received the award from the Italian government
The first middle school attached to Waseda University to be established


Globalization of Waseda University aiming to become a university chosen by students around the world
Current Situation of the Globalization of Waseda University
The attitude of challenging and learning paves the way


I hope to fuse theory and practice in public administration

MISSION! Work of university

Community for cross-cultural exchange

Messages to Their Second Century

Emotion, Hope, and Ingenuity - Three Words for a Richer Life

A WASEDA Miscellany

This theme: Communicate

Trend Eye

Are we blessed with "information" that is believable?

Waseda rediscovery

Cover Story : It That Tells Time to the Forest of Waseda