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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2014)


Awards also bestowed
Celebrating the start of a new journey: Graduation Ceremony, Degree Confirmation Ceremony and Entrance Ceremony

President Kamata and procession enter after the school flag

Orchestra accompanies new students in a chorus of the school song

On March 25th and 26th, the 2013 Graduation Ceremony was held for undergraduate schools and the Art and Architecture School, and the Degree Confirmation Ceremony for graduate schools. A total of 12,205 students left our university to pursue their future. The venue was filled with the smiles of graduating students dressed in suits, colorful longs-sleeved kimonos and hakamas. “I hope that all of you will continue your devotion to true learning based on the broad liberal education, high-level specialized knowledge, and rich human character which you have gained at Waseda,” said President Kamata in a congratulatory message after the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Confirmation Ceremony. “I sincerely hope that you will accomplish great things as true global leaders in order to realize world peace and the happiness of mankind.“Also the Azusa Ono Memorial Award was presented to 32 students and 10 groups which have made outstanding achievements in the 3 fields of academics, art and sports while serving as a model for Waseda students.

Furthermore, amidst a background of cherry blossoms in full bloom on April 1st, the 2014 Entrance Ceremony was held to welcome 12,791 new undergraduate students to our university. “Please embrace Waseda's founding philosophy and devote yourself with earnest to your studies,” said President Kamata in an encouraging message to the new students, who appeared somewhat nervous. “I truly hope that you will use what you learn for the benefit of mankind.” At the ceremony, the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports was presented to Hiroshi Hibino in recognition of his contribution to sports over many years. Hibino is a Waseda University Professor Emeritus, Honorary Chairman of the Japan Rugby Football Union, and Advisor to the Japan Sports Association.

The entrance ceremony for graduate schools was held on the April 2nd. President Kamata gave the following message regarding the ideal state of researchers: “Please strive to acquire the habit of always viewing yourself objectively and continuing to examine whether you are sufficiently responding to the deep trust of society.” After President Kamata's speech, the lifetime title of Honorary Fellow was presented to Professor Emeritus Kotaro Suzumura and Ken Yabuno.

Professor Emeritus Hibino gives a speech

President Kamata and Professor Emeritus Suzumura

President Kamata and Professor Emeritus Yabuno