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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)

News related to the Great East Japan Earthquake

News related to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Waseda University and Tsinghua University hold joint Japan-China survey design workshop training at the disaster site

From April 27th to May 4th, Waseda University and Tsinghua University (China) held a proposal-based design workshop training in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, part of the Tohoku Sanriku region. Organizations participating from our university were the Institute for Research on Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Research Institute for Integrated Approach to Urban Safety and Security with Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Approximately 30 students, faculty and staff members from each university participated in the training (8 students from Waseda University; 8 students from Tsinghua University). Through local surveys and conversations with local residents, participants developed design proposals for solving social and cultural issues of Otsuchi Town. Particular serious issues include the loss of regional social functions and the increasingly elderly population. The workshop training sought to propose design which will realize "protection/cultivation of cultural diversity and promotion of dialogue between civilizations," while considering the regeneration of Otsuchi Town and Tohoku's intangible cultural assets and the regions relationship with the world. "We learned from the perspective of Chinese students within the same group," said a participating Japanese student. "At the same time, it was a valuable learning experience to be involved in reconstruction planning which focuses on the future."

2012 University Research Initiative--Institute for Research on Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Open Workshop
New reconstruction issues clarified through a year of surveying and research

On April 23rd, a workshop was held by the Institute for Research on Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, which was established in May of last year. The workshop featured lively discussion by the participating supervisors of 7 issues.

At the workshop, reports were given regarding the status of research activities conducted during the approximately 1-year period of the reconstruction research project. The report also included issues which were clarified while conducting reconstruction research. "Following the earthquake, there was great regret regarding the proper use of scientific technology," said President Kaoru Kamata. "Now, we must discover a new viewpoint for the interaction between universities and society. It will be necessary to form partnerships with the government sector, the private sector and with other universities both in Japan and overseas. These partnerships will take place in a variety of fields. In the future, I expect numerous new contacts and opportunities."

Creating a Waseda University disaster-preparedness e-learning video
Showing appropriate response to earthquakes and fires

Waseda University is the first university to create an e-learning video for fire prevention and disaster preparedness. The video is composed of two sections: a Large-Scale Earthquake Section and a Fire/Life-Saving Section. The Large-Scale Earthquake Section contains an easy-to-understand explanation on how to respond if an earthquake occurs while in locations such as the classroom or an elevator. It also shows how to respond after tremors have stopped. The Fire/Life-Saving Section explains how to respond if a fire is discovered, how to care for injured persons, and how to use fire extinguishers.

This video is shown during occasions such as lectures at undergraduate and graduate schools, as well as guidance for new students. The video can also be viewed at Course N@vi, a portal website which is accessible to all students, faculty and staff members.

Association Football Club participates in Waseda Cup--exchange through soccer in Kesennuma

For two days on June 9th and 10th, the Waseda Cup soccer tournament for elementary school students was held in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture by the Kesennuma City Soccer Association. The tournament was held in order to aid the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area through soccer. The event was conducted through cooperation from Hisashi Kato, Special Coach at the Japan Football Association and former player on the Japanese national team, the Waseda University Association Football Club, and the Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC).

Approximately 160 children from 8 teams in Kesennuma City and the surrounding area participated in the tournament. For two days, the tournament site of Kesennuma City Elementary School featured hard-fought games cheered on by student volunteers and parents. Also, the Association Football Club held a soccer workshop prior to the tournament. "In the future, we would like to continue to contribute to reconstruction in the disaster areas," said club members.

Announcement for continued publication of the series booklet "Think Post-Quake"

From immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Waseda University Press has published a booklet with article written mainly by Waseda faculty. The following is an introduction of articles published since the last issue.

For fast and accurate aid-Proposal of guidelines for initial response systems Written and edited by Tamio Nakamura (Faculty of Law); April 2012
Great East Japan Earthquake and environmental pollution-Examination by earth doctor Written by Kazuo Kamura, Toshio Nagoya and Hiroshi Okouchi (all Faculty of Science and Engineering); June 2012