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Autumn Issue (Nov. 2013)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Becoming a person who changes the world through repeated effort towards realizing your ideal

Jun Kitagawa
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
General Affairs Division, Human Resource Dept No. 1
Section Manager of Hiring and Personnel

In this article “Career Compass,” we hear the latest recruitment information and how students should choose their career from people in charge of recruitment and career experts. In this edition we talk with Mr. Kitagawa of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East).

Company which continues to innovate through ideals and action

All of us use telecommunication services in various aspects of our daily life. Our company’s business focuses on telecommunication services using optical fiber. We have laid optical fiber in approximately 98% of eastern Japan, supporting daily life and business. If our service were to stop for even a single minute, all of Japan would fall into chaos! Telecommunication services are essential and influential on society and the economy to such an extent.

The expansion of optical service area brings easy access to people living in rural areas and enables rich communication. Our company’s next goal is to form partnerships with corporations in a variety of industries. By doing so, instead of simply providing access, we can create new lifestyles and business models and spread them throughout society. Our company seeks to continually bring innovation to a variety of fields.

Our NTT East seeks employees who possess ideals and the initiative to act. More specifically, we value employees who use rich creativity and detailed analytical ability to realize their ideal type of society. An example of such an ideal could be the creation of a society in which mothers who are busy raising children could enjoy working from home. Next, in order to realize such an ideal society, the great power of “people” is needed. In other words, it is necessary to form a large team including individuals from both inside and outside the company. An ideal employee would be someone who can lead others so that all members of the team are headed in the same direction. NTT East and many other companies seek such employees.

Plunging into the unknown in order to realize ideals

Recently, the phrase “global professional” is often heard. A global professional is more than simply a person who can speak English or who is working abroad. In my opinion, this phrase refers to someone who works to remain aware of conditions throughout the world and does not hesitate to plunge into the unknown in order to realize their ideals. A global perspective is needed even at domestic companies like NTT East, which mainly provides services to customers in eastern Japan. We want employees who have the guts to turn overseas news into a hint for new business and reaching out overseas to find partner corporations. In the future, a global perspective will be necessary to expand the breadth of business and ensure continued growth. This is true for all companies, not just our NTT East.

Realize that you can change the world

My advice to you is that anyone is capable of changing the world. It does not matter if you are involved in a university seminar, a club activity, a part-time job, or anything else. Title or rank has no relation with innovation. For example, even someone who is not an executive has great potential for growth if they can guide their company in a positive direction through diligent action and words. Otherwise, employees who have just begun their career cannot perform well. First of all, stop being paralyzed by complacency with the status quo. Paint a clear vision for the “type of person you want to become” or the “type of organization that you want to realize.” Then, consider what you can do to move closer to that vision. Enact a development cycle in which you envision your ideal self, make changes and achieve steady growth. People who enact such a cycle will always achieve their vision. Believe that anything can become better from society to your daily life, student lifestyle and even yourself.

Here is an example from when I was studying for my MBA overseas. When I first began my studies in America, I was not able to keep pace with classes. I was a quiet student and did not receive any invitations to join a team. I felt frustrated at the time. So, I began to think how I could become a professional who was admired and needed by my classmates. I set several small goals, changed my behavior, and began to make the climb to achieving my ideal self. Before classes, I started to use my diverse experience to prepare comments which would bring new realizations to my classmates. I then announced these comments in class. When conducting a team project, I prepared material summarizing main questions and answers in advance before our team’s first meeting. I studied 2 or 3 times more than the average American students and I was exhausted every day. Outside of class, in order to deepen my interaction with other students, I took the initiative to start my own sports team and held events to introduce Japan. Eventually, I gained my classmates’ trust to the extent that they wanted to form a team with me and asked me to serve as leader. I was also appointed by my professor to serve as an advisor for revising the MBA program. Everyone responded to my positive attitude of seeking constant improvement.

It is a fact that people are not as strong as they would like to be. When you feel weak, it is best to receive support and encouragement from those around you. When I began to lose my motivation, I was spurred on by my mentors and family. I was also inspired by my classmates who, in order to achieve self-growth or to serve as a volunteer, were involved in a variety of activities despite being busy with their studies. I hope that all of you will continually seek to improve your current situation and will spend a fulfilling university life.

Jun Kitagawa
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
General Affairs Division, Human Resource Dept No. 1
Section Manager of Hiring and Personnel

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University. In 1999, entered employment at what was then Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT). Served in the Corporate Sales Division of the Tokyo Branch and handled corporate clients from a variety of industries. In 2001, while working at the Headquarters Business Planning Division, formulated a strategy for FLET’S services and acted as liaison for government agencies. In 2006, placed in charge of sales planning at the Kanagawa Branch. From 2008, spent two years studying abroad for his MBA at a graduate school in Virginia, America. After returning to Japan, placed in charge of marketing for planning new products in 2010. Assumed his current position in 2012.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East)
Provides electric telecommunications service and other related services to eastern Japan. Concentrates on expanding IP broadband using optical fiber. Has constructed a highly reliable network in eastern Japan. Utilizes that network to conduct a wide range of business including consumer business for ordinary households and corporate business for companies and public institutions.

From Career Center
Break out of your shell and expand your horizons

People with the ability to understand themselves while focusing on the future and their goals and the ability to produce results while encouraging others will success in corporations, society and their life. The 4 years spent at university are a precious opportunity for discovering a direction which will “enrich your life.” You must always remember that a fulfilling university life will lead to a satisfying career which matches your values and beliefs. With this in mind, we hope that you will break out of your shell and expand your horizons. The Career Center makes every effort to support these students together with their parents.