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New Year Issue (Jan.)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Clarify your beliefs and conduct satisfying job-hunting activities

Ms. Rina Kan
Hiring Group, Support Headquarters Disco Corporation

In this article "Career Compass," we hear the latest job-hunting information and how they generally perceive involvement in job-hunting from people in charge of recruitment. In this edition, we discuss how to select corporate employers and how to spend time at university with Ms. Rina Kan of Disco Corporation.

A company where people seeking progress can exert their full ability

Our company specializes in high-level cutting, shaving and polishing technology. We manufacture equipment for micron-level (1/1000 of a millimeter) processing to create smaller, thinner and stronger semiconductors for installation in a variety of everyday products such as smartphones, flat-screen televisions, LEDs and electric vehicles. We also manufacture precision processing tools (grindstones) which are installed in our equipment and used in processing. Our company's strength is the ability to provide superior processing results by combining the technology of both machines and grindstones.

In the case of digital products, new models are sold in a span of six months to one year. Therefore, equipment manufacturers must propose new technologies at an even faster speed. Therefore, our company seeks professionals who aren't satisfied with the status quo, instead eagerly seeking new challenges and the opportunity to continually progress. Every day at our company, a variety of small and large ideas are exchanged in order to increase the efficiency of our business. Our company overflows with "clear visualization" for the amount of growth and progress experienced by departments and individual employees as a result of those ideas. In order to maintain a corporate structure which can keep pace with the speed of change in the semiconductor industry, we value the keyword of "progress."

Check many corporations, regardless of company's name or ranking

During job-hunting, it is important not to get caught up in the ranking or name value of corporations. For example, at joint corporation information sessions, some students will avoid a company if they haven't heard the company's name. However, quite a large number of corporations exist in Japan and there are also many manufacturers that, like our company, aren't known by the general public. Instead of removing a company from consideration simply because "you haven't heard the company name," I hope that students will consider the broadest range of possibilities. At that same time, I advise students to define their core personal traits including their values and convictions when working in society.

In order to learn about many different corporations, students should fully utilize the Career Center at Waseda University. From older students and veteran faculty and staff members, students can get appropriate advice based on trends in the economy and employment market at that time. Many of the companies introduced will be ones that you have never heard of. First, you should thoroughly research many different corporations before visiting the ones which interest you. By doing so, it will be easier to imagine yourself working at that company when speaking with employees or feeling the atmosphere in the company. I feel that proactive students are able to gain employment at corporations in which they are "satisfied." By satisfied, I mean that there is a match between the student's conviction and the corporation's principles. In the case of our company, our new employees empathize with our "Disco Values," corporate principles which show the ideal form and direction for our corporation and individual employees. I believe that this "satisfaction" is extremely important for preventing mismatches between corporations and students, for maintaining motivation towards work and for growing as a professional who can exert his or her ability within the organization.

Use all five senses to accumulate experience

There is no guarantee that students who have devoted themselves entirely to their studies will succeed in society. While studying at university, it is extremely important to form confidence and conviction by accumulating experience through all five senses. Even if you are still a bit raw, you will stand out during job-hunting if you have confidence and conviction based on personal experience. I have heard that Waseda University has developed an environment for accumulating such experience through foreign study, volunteering, club activities and, of course, academics. I hope that students will take full advantage of such opportunities. Personally, foreign study during my time at university gave me the opportunity to interact with people holding diverse values. In turn, this enabled me to accept a variety of opinions without clinging to my own ideas. Today, as globalization continues, many corporations are developing hiring methods that meet the needs of the times. Specifically, hiring is directed towards foreign students studying in Japan or Japanese students who have studied abroad. During job-hunting, I hope that students will show the confidence and strengths which they have acquired during their time at university.

Finally, I recommend families to thoroughly discuss the meaning of "working." Family members can offer advice based on their own experiences in society. Often times, such specific opinions and unexpected perspectives will be of great reference. When searching for employment, there is great meaning in spending time holding serious discussions and consideration with family members regarding the essence of "working."

Ms. Rina Kan
Hiring Group, Support Headquarters Disco Corporation

Graduate from the Department of Community Welfare, School of Social Sciences. In 2008, entered employment at a staffing company, overseeing career-change support as sales to corporations. Entered employment at Disco Corporation in 2010. Initially placed in charge of mid-career recruiting. Currently oversees all work related to hiring of new graduates and temporary employees.

Disco Corporation
Founded in 1940 as Dai-ichi Seitosho Co., Ltd. A precision equipment/tools manufacturer which specializes in high-level "cutting," "shaving" and "polishing" technology. Possesses a global share of 70% in cutting, shaving and polishing equipment/tools for semiconductors and electronic components. More than 1,000 employees work at the company's head office in Omori, Tokyo. The head office also contains a R&D division where domestic and overseas customers visit daily in order to consult regarding processing.

From the Career Center
Manage your schedule by setting priorities

Regular examinations are held in January. Advancing to the next grade should be more important than searching for employment.

Although corporations will request that you participate in information sessions and submit entry sheets, it is essential to conduct scheduling by setting priorities and coming to terms with conflicting demands on your time.