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Autumn Issue (Nov.)

Career compass
Students and career choices

Clarify your belief of what you want to accomplish for the world

Mr. Kohei Fukusaki
Asahi Kasei Corporation Personnel & Labor Department, Hiring Group

In this article "Career Compass," we hear the latest job-hunting information and how they generally perceive involvement in job-hunting from people in charge of recruitment. In this edition, we spoke with Mr. Kohei Fukusaki, who is in charge of hiring at Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Working with the perspective of improving the world

Students often ask me to describe the corporate culture at Asahi Kasei. Honestly, it can't be expressed in a single word. A wide diversity of people has gathered at Asahi Kasei, with each person exhibiting their individuality while working. This diversity may be the reason that our company has succeeded in entering new fields such as electric components, electric material, housing, construction, pharmaceuticals and medicine. One trait shared by all employees is sensitivity to the needs of society. We at Asahi Kasei work based on the desire to improve and change the world. Everyone works with strong conviction, so there is active and serious exchange of opinion at meetings. This communication crosses the barrier between managers and staff, as well as between senior and junior employees. As a result, our company is able to act free of restraint and make decisions for moving in a better direction. Opportunities are provided to motivated employees, and it is not unusual for young employees to be entrusted with important work.

For me, working at Asahi Kasei is appealing because we operate a wide variety of business from upstream to downstream. This enables me to get a complete picture of society while working. Within this environment, each employee works with a venture mindset. Personally, I am able to experience diverse ways of thinking by talking with my colleagues who are active in a variety of businesses. I find such discussion to be extremely interesting and motivating. I strongly feel that I have grown through the many stimulating encounters at our company.

Asahi Kasei seeks employees who possess strong conviction and will continue to challenge and improve themselves. We want our employees to cooperate with coworkers while pursuing their own dreams and goals. Today's world is a chaotic place where many different values are mixed together. For this very reason, it is necessary to follow one's own feelings. I hope that students will take the time to carefully consider the basis for their actions as a single human being.

Fulfilling school days spent devoted to something

During your time at university, it is important to spend fulfilling time devoted to something. It doesn't matter what that something is; you will gain confidence as long as you follow through and complete your goal. In my opinion, there is no particularly activity which will give you an advantage during your search for employment. I recommend that you give priority to fully enjoying the studies and extracurricular activities which can only be experienced while a student.

Research corporations with a broad range of options

When searching for employment, don't narrow your choices too much at first. It is important to act with a broad range of options. Searching for employment is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your perspective. Even if you have clearly decided on a career path, I recommend contacting a number of different corporations. This will give you an opportunity to reconfirm whether you are making the right choice. Once you become a working professional, you will deal with customers from a variety of industries. Widening your knowledge of different industries is an important step for creating a career base.

Although the search for employment only lasts for about 6 months, it is an extremely important period in terms of starting your career as a working professional. Within this short period of time, I hope that you will explore as many possibilities as possible while deciding on your future path.

Mr. Kohei Fukusaki
Asahi Kasei Corporation Personnel & Labor Department, Hiring Group

Graduated from the School of Law. Entered Asahi Kasei Corporation in 2009. Stationed at the Ohito Office (Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation). After supervising personnel management, labor relations and training, transferred to a holdings company in December 2011. Currently supervises hiring for the entire Asahi Kasei Group.

Asahi Kasei Corporation
A comprehensive chemical manufacturer founded in 1931. In addition to its core business in fibers, also operates businesses in chemicals and fibers, homes and construction materials, electronics and health care.

From the Career Center
Preparing thoroughly by using university resources

Corporate information sessions are fully underway from December. Although some students wait until December to begin thinking about which corporate information session to attend, it seems a little late. In the time leading up until December, it is necessary to gradually begin analyzing yourself and researching different industries a little at a time.

The Career Center holds a variety of seminars and events to help you prepare. Students who are unable to participate due to class schedules can view the events at a later time through DVDs and on-demand video. We also offer a complete system for personal consultation. We hope that you will efficiently utilize the resources available at our university.