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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2014)

Landscape of Waseda
Cover: Miwa Aoki (watercolor painter, 1986 graduate of the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences II (Evening Division))

Okuma watches over campus

Main Street on Waseda Campus.
At the center of students moving in all directions stands a bronze statue of Shigenobu Okuma dressed in a gown.
This statue has been a symbol of the campus since it was erected in 1932. From Waseda students to visitors from Japan and abroad, there is always someone taking a commemorative photograph in front of the statue.
Okuma resigned during the 1881 Political Crisis.
Despite being the founder of Tokyo Senmon Gakko, for many years Okuma refrained from appearing at official school events in fear of retribution against the school.
Okuma finally gave a speech at an event commemorating the school's 15th anniversary.
In his speech, he expressed his passionate hope for contributing to society through growth of the school.
Today, the statue of Okuma watches over students, protecting them as they pursue their dreams and ambitions at university.