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Spring Verdure Issue (May.2015)


Resurrecting the base of "Waseda of Theater"
Completion of construction for the reborn Waseda Small Theater Drama-kan
Lectures by Ambassador Kennedy, former President Clinton, and Prime Minister Abe
Symposium on the "Legacy of JFK" held at Okuma Memorial Auditorium

University reform continues.

Interview:Toward a university offering world-class education and research. Waseda research connects with the world
Pick Up:Model bases for accelerating our education and research

Front Runner - Young People Making a Difference -

Devote yourself to what you find interesting

Shuichi Shiraishi, Fourth-Year Student, School of Political Science and Economics

You continue to learn after university!

Misato Yasuhara, Product Service Division, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Frontline of Research

Too much sitting reduces healthy life expectancy!?
Large-scale survey to realize a society for a long, healthy life

Koichiro Oka, Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda Univesity

Message to the second century

Respecting individuality and producing professionals who trust their instincts

Terumi Yoshida, Freelance Announcer

Evolution of the University

Disabled Student Services Office
Realizing a convivial society where all students can study in the same environment

Taiji Saito, Dean of Student Affairs
Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University


Holding the 2014 graduation ceremony and 2015 entrance ceremony
Establishing the new Graduate School of Business and Finance
Notice of establishment scheduled to be issued to MEXT in April 2015
Opening an MOOC for online participation in classes at the Faculty of Human Sciences
Reporting on cutting-edge research results from the "Waseda of Research"
3rd Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition
Corporate information session held on campus
2014 employment conditions
Spring Exhibition: "Student Battlefield—70 Years After the War"
Yuzuru Hanyu wins silver medal!
Exhibition of works by Mieczysław Kościelniak, who lived in Auschwitz

Landscape of Waseda

Resurrecting the base of "Theater of Waseda"