WASEDA ONLINE Blog Component

This blog component displays newly arrived articles on WASEDA ONLINE.
Click on the title to open a link to the WASEDA ONLINE article.

Blog Component Installation Method

First, copy the source code listed below. Then, paste the code in the desired area (side menu, etc.) of your blog or homepage. The size of this blog component is 170 horizontal pixels by 440 vertical pixels.

Cautions for Use

  • There are cases in which it is not possible to install this blog component. For example, it is not possible to paste JavaScript on some blog services.
  • The method of pasting code in a blog differs depending on each blog service. Please refer to the explanation of each blog service for further details.
  • Please turn ON the JavaScript setting of your browser when using the blog component.
  • Use of this blog component is restricted to personal use. Commercial use of the blog component is prohibited.
  • Although every possible measure has been taken for the safety and accuracy of the blog component program, we make no guarantees. Our company assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damages incurred if the program is operated incorrectly due to system errors or other trouble. Individual users should assume responsibility for using the blog component.
  • This blog component is subject to modification of specification and to expiration without advance notice. Please be aware of such conditions when installing the component.
  • In some cases, this blog component may not be displayed due to maintenance or other reasons. Our company may request that use of the component be stopped or suspended at sites which we judged as being inappropriate, such as sites that are offensive to public order and morals.
  • Unauthorized copying, reproduction, retransmission, alteration, modification, and redistribution of blog component data is prohibited.