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▼2013 錦秋号

A WASEDA Miscellany


Pauline C. Reich

Thoughts about Being the First, the Only or One of the Few:
It's about more than merely hiring women!

Pauline C. Reich
Professor, Faculty of Law and Director, Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Research Institute American lawyer, arbitrator and mediator

I was with the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, for over 16 years before coming to Waseda in 1995. I worked in the New York regional office primarily as an investigator of compliance with various federal laws, mediated cases, trained staff, wrote policy documents, spoke at conferences attended by up to 40,000 people, and negotiated legal remedies with university presidents, attorneys, and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action officers in two states and two U.S. territories. I investigated approximately several hundred colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools with respect to non-discrimination complaints related to race, gender, national origin, disability and age discrimination.

During that period, I was one of twelve women selected from 700 applicants for the First East Coast CORO Foundation Public Affairs Leadership Program for Women, directed by Pat Koch Thaler, the sister of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. CORO has trained members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. ambassadors and White House staff in how to analyze situations and organizations that are unstructured to identify the locus of power and issues. When I arrived at Waseda, I introduced two courses which I continue to teach: Women and the Law (the “herstories” of Japanese, American and other women lawyers, judges, prosecutors, suffragists and politicians); and Women and Employment Law Worldwide (laws, policies and strategies applied to overcome obstacles to women’s employment opportunity).


1999 : Visiting scholar at the International Labour Organisation headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, gender equality unit. I discovered the concept of “gender mainstreaming”, a UN initiative. I observed it in action as applied by the Prime Minister of Sweden. This concept increases awareness of women as equal participants in society through leadership instituted by the President or head of an organization in making everyone aware of including women in all aspects and activities, including decision-making and leadership.

2000-2001: Visiting Scholar/Professor while on overseas sabbatical leave; conducted research during the early years of the Internet revolution focusing on e-commerce law and Internet-based legal research at three Silicon Valley law schools and two law faculties in Australia. Since then my research has mainly focused on Cybercrime and Information Security

2003 : Invited to be General Editor of the law treatise CYBERCRIME AND SECURITY (Thomson Reuters/West, about 3,000 pages, updated quarterly, covering about 50 countries worldwide).

2006 : I founded the Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Research Institute at Waseda. We have hosted speakers on such topics as WiFi Internet Security, Digital Forensics and E-Discovery. We plan to offer more programs and are applying for funding for further events.

December 2012 : Produced a new book, a four year international collaboration, LAW, POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY; INFORMATION WARFARE, CYBERTERRORISM AND INTERNET IMMOBILIZATION (IGI Global). I speak at conferences in Asia, the US and Europe about latest developments in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity. My CORO training has enabled me to analyze the unstructured evolution of law and policy related to the Internet.


I participate in the Regional Asia Information Security Exchange, which meets annually in different cities in this region. Other members are all male, primarily Information Security experts, and very supportive of my research.

I am former Co-Chair of the Pacific Rim Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and former Vice Chair of the Legal Services Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

I continue my involvement in several sections and committees of the American Bar Association and foreign lawyers’ groups in Tokyo, provide continuing legal education for American lawyers in Japan. Currently completing 15 years as General Editor of the book CIVIL PROCEDURE IN JAPAN 2nd Edition Juris Publications with former Chief Justice of the WTO Appellate Body Yasuhei Taniguchi, former Presiding Judge of the Tokyo Family Court Hiroto Miyake, and Professors Hiroshi Tega of Tokyo Metropolitan University and Kyoko Ishida of Waseda Law School.


There is much more to be told about being the only woman or the first woman or one of a few women. I hope that there will soon be more collaborations across academic disciplines and across borders. I urge the university community, lawyers, government and business leaders to enable the full utilization of women’s talents so that all women are able to achieve their potential in academe, law, society. WE ARE NOT THERE YET…




 その頃、私は700人の応募者から選ばれた12人の中の1人として、元ニューヨーク市長エド・コッチの姉妹、パット・コッチ・ターラー氏が運営する東海岸CORO財団第1回女性のための広報リーダーシッププログラム(the First East Coast CORO Foundation Public Affairs Leadership Program for Women)に参加しました。COROは権力や問題の所在を特定する方法が組織立っていない状況や組織の分析の仕方をアメリカの下院議員、アメリカ大使、大統領官邸スタッフに訓練しています。





2003年:法学論文集『CYBERCRIME AND SECURITY(サイバー犯罪とセキュリティー)』(Thomson Reuters/West、約3,000ページ、四半期毎に更新、世界約50カ国を網羅)の編集主幹に招聘されました。


2012年12月:4年間の国際的協力の成果として新著『LAW, POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY:INFORMATION WARFARE, CYBERTERRORISM AND INTERNET IMMOBILIZATION(法、政策及び技術:情報戦争、サイバーテロ及びインターネットの制限)』(IGI Global)を上梓。サイバー犯罪及びサイバーセキュリテイーに関する最新動向についてアジア、米国、ヨーロッパの会議で講演。COROで受けた研修が、体系化されずに進展したインターネット関連法や政策の分析を可能にしてくれました。


 毎年、アジア地域の異なる都市で会議が開かれるRegional Asia Information Security Exchange(アジア地域情報セキュリティー交換会議)に参加。この会議のメンバーは、私を除いて、主に情報セキュリティーの専門家であり全員男性ですが、私の研究に非常に協力的です。
 アメリカ法曹協会紛争解決課環太平洋小委員会の元共同委員長、および在日米国商工会議所法務サービス委員会の元副委員長を務めました。 アメリカ法曹協会及び在東京外国人弁護士グループの複数の部会や委員会に参加し続け、在日アメリカ人弁護士のために法学教育を継続しています。 現在、編集主幹を15年務める『CIVIL PROCEDURE IN JAPAN(日本の民事訴訟法)』(第2版、Juris Publications)を谷口安平氏(元世界貿易機関(WTO)上級委員会委員長)、三宅弘人氏 (元東京家庭裁判長)、手賀寛氏(首都大学東京教授)、石田京子氏(法務研究科)と共に編纂中。



About 3,500 pages, updated quarterly, country and topical coverage and cases

Comprehensive coverage of developments since the amendment of the Japanese Civil Procedure law and rules in 1996

About 500 pages, collaboration by twoteams of experts from a number of countries from the technology, business, law, academic and policy communities