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A WASEDA Miscellany



Japan's leading graduate school of business

Assistant Professor, WASEDA Business School

I am a citizen of the United States of America, but since 23 June 2011 I have been living in Tokyo with my wife and our young daughter. On 01 September 2011 I joined the faculty of WASEDA Business School (WBS). I teach the following courses to our MBA students from Japan and around the world: Logical Thinking & Negotiations, Entrepreneurial Management, Discussions on Entrepreneurship, Innovation Strategy, Business Presentations & Negotiations, and Strategy & Online Business. My research interests are at the intersection of technology management, entrepreneurship, innovation and the internet. Finally, I serve on two faculty committees: International Committee and the Public Relations Committee.

One subgroup within the Public Relations committee is currently focused on a project to redevelop the WASEDA Business School English-language website. My participation in this project has required me to benchmark leading MBA programs from around the world and to think both deeply and strategically about WBS’ value proposition, resource base, competitors, and strategic direction. In the process of developing a content strategy for the new website, I have also had to learn how to coordinate and align the interests and concerns of the WBS staff, my WBS faculty colleagues, WASEDA University officials, various vendors, Japanese society and, most importantly, current and future WBS students, WBS alumni and the corporate partners that employ our students after they graduate.

This project has afforded me numerous opportunities to go deep Inside WASEDA Business School in order to understand how we create value and how we can create value going forward. And, as a scholar, I am grateful for every opportunity to learn. Below, I describe the Mission of WBS and the Six Unique Advantages of the WBS MBA Experience as I have come to understand them. After finishing reading this article, if you know somebody with a strong interest in Japan and a strong interest in earning an MBA, please encourage them to download and complete an application from our (temporary) microsite at www.WasedaMBA.JP.

Mission of WBS

The Mission of WBS is to create value by preparing the next generation of leaders who, with a global mindset,

1. KNOW the latest management theories, frameworks and concepts;

2. BECOME, through their decisions and their actions, mature, confident and authentic professionals with a long-term perspective; and

3. ENGAGE in the deliberate practice of management for the good of their organizations and society.

Six Unique Advantages of the WBS MBA Experience

1. KNOW WBS has designed a rigorous required core curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in business fundamentals.

2. BECOME WBS offers workshops and seminars focused on helping students to master the soft skills of leadership and management.

3. ENGAGE WBS students who take the initiative to secure an internship can apply what they have learned in the classroom during their internship experience. Alternatively, students can broaden their international experience by completing an International Rotation at one of our 25 study abroad partner schools.

4. LOCATION The Waseda MBA is earned in Tokyo, the business and political center of the world’s third largest economy and a hub that connects to the rest of Asia.

5. NETWORK Waseda University and Waseda MBA Programs attract students from Japan and around the world. Earning an MBA at Waseda University enables students to forge lifelong friendships and opens the door to a worldwide Waseda network.

6. FUN PEOPLE WBS students work hard and they take their work seriously. But, they also know how to have fun.


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1. 「知識」 WBSは、学生がビジネスのしっかりとした基礎を築くための主要カリキュラムを備えている。

2. 「成長」 WBSは、学生がリーダーシップや経営といったソフトスキルを修得できるよう、ワークショップやセミナーを用意している。

3. 「経験」 インターンシップ経験を望んでいるWBS学生は、教室で学んだことを実際のインターンシップで生かすことができる。また、海外提携校25校のいずれかでのインターナショナルローテーションにより、海外経験を積むことができる。

4. 「位置」 早稲田MBAは、世界第3位の経済国・日本の中心でありアジア各国を結ぶ拠点である東京で取得できる。

5. 「ネットワーク」 早稲田大学や早稲田MBAプログラムには、国内外から学生が集っている。早稲田でMBAを取得することで、生涯の友情を築き、世界的に広がる早稲田ネットワークの一員となれる。

6. 「楽しさ」 WBS学生は勤勉であり、課題に真剣に取り組む、と同時に人生を楽しむことも忘れていない。


Waseda Business School : http://www.wasedamba.jp/